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Anne Among Other Things
Here is a haven for everyone whose heart has been touched by the writings of this gifted author.
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Slate Scribblings
This forum is for talking about the fanfics written here. Join in or just listen to me talk and talk!
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Blythe By Spirit
After reading the Anne stories- what bit of Blytheness have you adopted? Is it Nan's queer imaginings, Di's longing for a bosom friend, Walter's love of nature, or even Gil's practical thinking?
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Reviews and Replys
Look here to reply to reviews or to ask questions to specific authors
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Anything but Anne!
Here you can post stuff about Emily, A Tangled Web, Marigold, Pat, Rilla, The Story Girl, Kilmeny, Valancy, and only if you have to Jane. Especially A Tangled Web and Valancy.
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The Blythe Boys
What do you think of them? Which is your favorite - Jem, Walter or Shirley - even Gil? Tell us all about it! Can you think of one word to sum up each boy? Generally anything you want to say about them....
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The journey of a plot bunny
A place to discuss or display story ideas that have yet to be fulfilled and given life.
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James Charlie
As James tries to be safe in the world of Intrent, he struggels to find his trie formation of the sound.
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Anne of green gables discussions
Hey guys so this is a forum idea I had . For all the people who have wonderful ideas but are unable to shape them into a story , you can mention the ideas here . This is mainly for Anne of Green Gables. You can write ideas for fanfics or AUs and the writers who like the idea , can make it into a story ( in their accounts ) giving necessary creds . Hope you like this.
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