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Rockin' Artemis Chat!
This chatroom is an open chat, so you can say whatever you want, when you want. Join the topic, Party Over Here! It's completly random and means nothing. Express yourself! No flamers allowed.
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The Asylum
Come one, come all. Here, we accept social outcasts, misunderstood genii, the insane and the out of the ordinary. Join to chat with others, find those who are like you and feel accepted. Welcome to the Asylum.
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Who's you're favorite character?
Who likes Holly? Who likes Arty? Support you're favorite! Diss you're least favoite!
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Ask a stupid question
...you'll get a stupid answer!
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Spark of Decency
Artemis Fowl may have thought that he was one of two people that could find the People. However, he is horribly wrong. Other geniuses have begun their discoveries, and it's up to Artemis, Holly, and others to curb their discovery. Find Haven, Make OCs, Use Canons, Roleplay, and Have Fun!
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Artemis Fowl RPG: Play as Canon and or your OC
Just another Artemis Fowl RolePlaying Game. Anyone is welcome to join in! More info will be added as more users come.
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Artemis and Holly!
Do you think Artemis and Holly have chemistry weather just a friendship or some thing more? Or know a great AH story? Discuss your view.
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Artemis Fowl: Fact or Fiction?
I know the books are labled fiction, but so are alot of other books that are almost 100 percent true. Share your opinions or experiences on the fairy folk and their underground civilization HERE!
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The Artemis Fowl Movie Forum
Discuss your views, thoughts and ideas for the upcoming movie adaption of the bestselling series Artemis Fowl.
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The Pairing Sharing
You know you're obsessed with that certain couple. Whether it be HollyTrouble, HollyArtemis, HollyRoot, or whatever pairing you can come up with, here you can work 'till you drop to convince everyone that YOUR way is the BEST way.
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Welcome To My World
Fairies aren't the only mythical race that was driven into hiding by humans. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, all are real. And who better to investigate them than Holly Short and the new, improved Artemis Fowl? May get a little insane, but hey, welcome to my world. Roleplay as anyone from No1 to Merv Brill. Enjoy!
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LEPrecon: Surface Department
Welcome to the Surface Department, a team of fairies who specialize in above-ground operations. Create a character and RP in the world of Artemis Fowl.
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Why Artemis?
I just want to know, why Artemis? Why do you like the books? Why do like the fanfictions?
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The Time Paradox And Other Topics
Okay, so this is for the people who HAVE read The Time Paradox or are reading it. There are other topics to such as, Artemis and Minerva, How do you see the characters, polls on you favorite couples and everything, you won't be dissapointed!
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Come here if you are having writers block, or just need a little help comming up with the plot for your next story, or if you have a great story and don't want to write it, and come and challenge someone else to write it!
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Uprising of the People
Another RPG. During the Techno-Crash, fairies were visible to humans. The humans discovered them and did not like the idea of a civilization of potentially hostile "aliens" living under their feet. So what do we humans do when we don't like things? Apparently we declare war against them. The humans invade Haven and other major fairy cities, and the People have no choice but to retaliate. They don't want to fight; with the exception of a megalomaniacal pixie here and thereā€¦full summary inside.
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Complete, Utter, Abosolute Randomosity
If you like Artemis Fowl, come on in! Open to anything remotely connected to AF, Eoin Colfer, or Fairies.
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The Supernaturalist
Yay! This story needs it's own forum. Come talk! Please? Hopefully somebody out there read this book...
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Artemis Fowl: Movie and Book Discussion Forum
Come discuss the possibly stupid and biggest mistakes of their lives cast choices for the upcoming Artemis Fowl movie: And the completely totally awesome book series!
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All Things Artemis!
The latest book/graphic novel? Movie progress and cast? Are the books real? Role playing? Have a crush on a character? Discuss that and more here.
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Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex AH and other
Uh..I feel like I'm the only one whose read the newest Artemis Fowl book. I'm really excited and after reading it and there seems no-one else is dicussing it. It neeeds to be discussed!
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Artemis Fowl Big Time
Look inside!
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Atermis fowl and a girlfriend?
Will Artemis ever get a girl? Please use suitable language! I'd rather not lose my account! XD
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Artemis fowl RP
A artemis fowl RP that will continue to be active.
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AF Writing Challenges
Bored? Want something interesting and fun to do? This might just be the place for you! The AF fandom has been in limbo for a while now so come and try out a few of these challenges, create your own challenge or take a read of the entries.
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