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Spark of Decency
Artemis Fowl may have thought that he was one of two people that could find the People. However, he is horribly wrong. Other geniuses have begun their discoveries, and it's up to Artemis, Holly, and others to curb their discovery. Find Haven, Make OCs, Use Canons, Roleplay, and Have Fun!
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Welcome To My World
Fairies aren't the only mythical race that was driven into hiding by humans. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, all are real. And who better to investigate them than Holly Short and the new, improved Artemis Fowl? May get a little insane, but hey, welcome to my world. Roleplay as anyone from No1 to Merv Brill. Enjoy!
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Uprising of the People
Another RPG. During the Techno-Crash, fairies were visible to humans. The humans discovered them and did not like the idea of a civilization of potentially hostile "aliens" living under their feet. So what do we humans do when we don't like things? Apparently we declare war against them. The humans invade Haven and other major fairy cities, and the People have no choice but to retaliate. They don't want to fight; with the exception of a megalomaniacal pixie here and thereā€¦full summary inside.
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