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A Little Tin of Rosemary
Bartimaeus Trilogy RP and Chat. Come in, have a drink, murder a few imps - what's not to like? All welcome.
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Bartimaeus Movie
Discuss what you feel has to be in the movie, or what would be the coolest graphical scene. Also are you worried? Or relieved Miramax bought the rights to the book and that the screenplay has been written?
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Bexran's Bartimaeus Chat!
Come join our little get together and talk about the Bartimaeus books!
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Djinni in a Bottle Open at Own Risk!
Step inside to pick up or issue a challenge. Consider this an effort to flood this site with Bartimaeus stories seeing as we have far too little.
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Bartimaeus Trilogy Pairings
Just a place to talk about the "Bartimaeus Trilogy" pairings you like. Ex: BartimaeusNathaniel, NathanielKitty, BartimaeusKitty... whatever!
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The Other Place meeting grounds
Welcome to the Other Place meeting grounds where spirits old and new come to chat! RP Forum
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History of a Great Djinni
Welcome to the story of Bartimaeus's past. Create your characters, and send them out to join Bart in his many adventures. An RP forum of all of Bart's past achievements. Everyone welcome.
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Ptolemy's Gate
Anything at all relating to the Bartimaeus trilogy: starting with the last book.
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Our Own Bartimaeus Trilogy Stories!
I would like your opinion about my own bartimeaus story and discussing other ideas and stories.
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Bartimaeus RP Come join as your favorite character
A place for Bartimaeus fans to come together and RP till they can't RP no more! All pairings accepted.
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