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Down With Apathy
Fannie Lou Hamer said,"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired." If you are sick and tired of the world's problems, please come in. Let's learn about them and make changes.
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Christ Living in His Followers
Basically a Bible study for all Followers of Jesus Christ. We will discuss the Bible and what we believe it means, while uplifting weary brothers and sisters. All Christians please enter. God be praised!
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NonBelievers Unite
The time has come for us to unite. Too long have we been pushed aside!
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is seven days to God a billion years to humans?
my science teacher had a lecture about how the world was created.what about the bible?God created the earth in seven days, but science says we developed over billions of years,so is seven days to God billions of years to us?
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Satan is My Homeboy
okay people. We've all talked about it on the forum, so here it is. The forum for people from the Society to Bring Satan to the Masses.
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God's Forum
Believers and non believers are welcome. You can talk about the bible and what you do believe or don't believe.
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Atheist United
To all Christians, don t bother coming here, you wont be able to convert us.
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where the heck is jesus?
seriously, for such an important historical figure, why isn't there more nonbiblical evidence for His existence?
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The Bible isn't fiction Why is it at
Who else thinks that the Bible section of is offensive to Christians? This is the place to dicuss this and to see how we go about getting it off the website.
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The King Reigns theology and apologetics
A place to discuss theology and apologetics. Topics can include such things as the Trinity, the deity of Jesus, Scripture, and anything pertaining to Christianity, spirituality, etc. Everyone is welcome -- discussions are always good.
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Come As You Are
It doesn't matter if you love Him, ignore Him or hate Him. It doesn't matter if you're agnostic, athiest, satanist, wiccan, gothic, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or just an average joe. God's grace is for everyone. Come just as you are and talk.
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Woman of the Bible
Come to talk about the good and bad woman of the Bible
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Christian Forum
A forum to talk about Christ.
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Views from the Bible
In this time, Biblical views can be hard to find. Come here to discuss them!
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Bible questions
ask questions about the Bible here, believers and non believers welcome
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Not Of This World
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. A place where all are welcome.
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Do you have questions about Christianity? We would be happy to answer them in a nonthreatening environment. No swearing, please.
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Christians only!
Non-Christians, you might as well stay away. We are an all-Christian group, and if your post is not Christian, you will be deleted and banned.
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Christ Living In His Folllowers in Spanish
Es un foro destinado para aquellos seguidores de Jesucristo, un estudio de la Biblia, debates Bíblicos, para que nos fortalezcamos en la fe, ¡Dios y su familia, te esperan! Foro nacido en Christ Living in His Followers in English
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What is Heaven
Come and talk about what YOU think heaven is or what it is like.
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End Times
I thought of adding this to the Left Behind, but that would start way too many fires.
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The Light Saves All
Seamus 11. On the thirteen day of the six month for the twentieth century of the seventh decade of the fifth year,2. Born in New York, Seamus was.3. On the fifth year of his life, his parents died and he had to defend for himself.
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Breaks God's heart
I've read some of what no believers post and the Spirit of God just moved me. It breaks my heart, and it breaks God's heart, too, when you do this. I'm not saying that Christians are better than non believers. And i'm not saying that nonbelievers are bett
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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
Talk about these three similar yet different religions here. Everyone is free to express their observations and beliefs here. Please keep cursing out of your posts.
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Why do Catholics believe that?
You guys ask and I'll look up what the Catholic church teaches. NO Arguing and NO swearing.
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