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Spiritual Warfare
How has God been working through the Word in your life?
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Vent About Xians Suck 2
Vent your spleen here about the Bible section's most infamous and wellloved troll, Xians Suck! But watch your language. Keep it on the T level, per the site rules. I may read your posts, I may not.
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This is a forum for discussions on beliefs. No matter what you believe, no matter what religion or no religion you're from, you're welcome here!
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The Last Disciple
This endtimes series competes with Left Behind. What is it like to be in Rome? To live in the first century? To have never heard of dispensationalismus? And to be under Nero, the motherkiller and pedophile? And you gotta love Vitas.
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Old Testment
This is where you can dicuss the Old Testment of the BIBLE. Also you can post ideas for fan fictions here also.
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The United Church
We promote unity between the factions of our glorious Christian Church. Whether Catholic, Orthodox or Christian please feel free to post and share, especially if you believe the Church should be united.
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Lucifer the 'Lightbringer'
Everyone thinks by the name Lucifer about the Devil,the heartles ruler of Hell,but the people forget that he was once one angel. Come here to discouse about him...
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God loves to laugh
A forum where christians can tell jokes, talk to other christians, and be themselves.
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Discussion for any stories I write. Questions or comments please feel free to ask.
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Before Eve
This forum is to discuss Lilith. I have noted that many people choose to ignore her existance. So, anyone willing to discuss?
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Protestant v Catholisism: Differences
Now I don't really want a debate I just want to discuss the differences. Protestants and Catholics alike are welcome.
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My first forum
This is my first forum, so I'm not really sure what to do.
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The Book of the Light
Convert, and the light will save you. If you dont, you will die.
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Scarlet's Thread
A little place for Christians to kick back and post.
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Sex in the bible
Yeah, there's freaking sex and no freaking forum about it? C'mere and talk about it! Every couples is welcome! Hetero or gay! Rate M for language and sex
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Somewhere To Pester People With My Questions
Feel free to bring up whatever you want that is Christian or Biblefiction-oriented, in an intelligent manner. The point is to talk.
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Living for God
Need advice or support? Want to give others advice and support? Or just want to spread the Word? All are welcome; all are loved by Jesus Christ.
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Dare 2 Share
HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE TO HATE A PERSON NOT TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE REALITY OF HEAVEN & HELL? This a forum where teens who have been to the Dare 2 Share conference or want to participate in THE cause can share about how they are spreading the passion for J
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Encourage One Another
Life isn't easy. Whether you are a young child bullied in school, a teen struggling through peer pressure, or an adult wading through deep tragedy. But, if there is one thing that I know, more than anything else, is that there is a God who loves and encourages us. He's done it for me. And it is my goal to give every ounce of that encouragement to others, and show His love through it.
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The Prodigal son
one of the famous stories Jesus ever told, Which is proof that God loves sinners no matter what, we are the prodigal son
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A caretaker in the sky !
this story explains how much of a loving parent he is, and that in disguise he would always be with us, he would be a soldier saving lives instead of taking lives, a mother who cares so much about her daughter, and homeless man who would give to those who are also homeless, Jesus is our big brother, amd God is our father, God bless all who read this, amen !
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