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The Allied Lands
A forum about Trudi Canavan's exquisite Black Magician Trilogy.
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Age of the Five
a decent languagevocabulary is required.Discuss Trudi canavans Age of the five Trilogy, not really sure start a topic yourself if it does not suit you... Might be a bit misplaced as it's not BTM sorry if it offends anyone but i doubt that though.
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just friends?
its about cery, sonea, lord dannyl, rothen, lorlen arrakin and some otehrs and some i made up to make the sotry move along how i need it to lol. x
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Current BMT ReadersWriters
A forum for anyone who still reads or writes for the Black Magician Trilogy and the Traitor Spy Trilogy. Let's keep this fandom going! Also I just wanted to see who's still on here.
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