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Amberwood high RP
Takes place during "Bloodlines". Play as characters from the books or make your own characters. Make whatever YOU want to happen. We can rewrite the events of the Bloodlines! Play as a human, Dhampire, Moroi, or stirogi!
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Bloodlines RP
This is an RP for Bloodlines. It's best to have read them first but it's not necessary. Don't be afraid to join, we're all friendly!
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Bloodlines RP
bloodlines RP, we're picking up from the end of Indigo Spell, should be fun :)
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Bloodlines Fans Unite!
We welcome all to the wonderful world of Richelle Mead's Bloodlines and Vampire Academy. Come all to discuss the latest books, gush about OTP's, and just revel in the awesomeness of the fandom with other fangirls/boys!
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Bloodlines Roleplay
BLOODLINES ROLEPLAY. MUST have read Bloodlines and The Golden Lily. For now we will do The Indigo Spell. After that comes out will we start a The Fiery Heart one! *SYDNEY TAKEN ALL OTHER ROLES OPEN*
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