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Schyler and Jack forever!
This forum is more like a test run to see how many people actually read the Blue Bloods series. Talk about anything, who do you want to kill who you love ect. I'll try a role playing thing too...
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A Blue Bloods Roleplay
A roleplay based on Melissa De la Cruz's popular novel, Blue Bloods. Anyone can claim an unclaimed character or make their own character. OCs are welcome.
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blue bloods
what do you think happens next in the triliagy? should sky end up with Jack or Oliver?
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Blue Bloods Role Play
This is a blue blood pole play. Feel free to mack on OC or tack a MUC or a Cannon character. PM if you want to join.
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Pairings in the Blue Bloods Saga?
I'd just like to know what everyone thinks about the pairings that Melissa De La Cruz has set up in the Blue Bloods Saga: Which ones you prefer, which ones you don't prefer, who you would pair together and why , etc...
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Blue Bloods: The Saga Continues
The blue bloods are back! The legacy continues, This is a blue bloods role play (Based on the books by Ms. de la Cruz)
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Blue Bloods Roleplay
For all the people out there who love Blue Bloods, this is my treat to you. A roleplay! Please read the rules and enjoy!
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Blue Blood RP
felt the need to start this Roleplay, I REFUSE TO LET IT DIE! :)
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the fourth book
Ok i know everyone focuses on schuyler but what did you guys think of mimi and kingsley together and what did you think of the fourth book!
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Come roleplay Blue Bloods here! *Open casting, no invitation required to join* Pairings and other information are inside.
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Blue Blood Ideas
Ideas about stories, pair cannons and learning whose a blue blood fan.
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