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The Blue Feather Boa
A place where Carpathians and insanity converge. Didn't think it was possible? Simply leave a message with the giant blue feather boa that lives under my bed. Also a place where you tell me exactly what you want in a 'Christine Feehan' fic.
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A Light in the Dark
For people who wish A: they were a Carpathian, B: their best friend was a Carpathian, C: they were a Carpathian's lifemate, or D: all of the above
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Just a chance to voice who you would think would make a perfect carpathian should the media ever get around to making the wonderous works of the DARK series into movies/serial progammes, I've been emailing back and fourth with a few friends/relatives and
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Carpathian Haven
Come in and talk about whatever you want regarding the Carpathians... or any of Feehan's other books!
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Carpathian HEAVEN!:::
Anything and Everything on the Hot Carpathian Race!
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Dark twilight
Whit you like about it. whit you do not like about it. Whit you like see in the story.
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