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The Artful Dodger
Here's a place for everything Dodger! Why do you love him? What's your fave fic about him? Who's the best actor who played him? Anything and everything about our darling Cockney pick-pocket!
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Oliver Twist RP
NOTICE: WILL BE KEPT AND CURRENTLY OFF HIATUS! A teenage girl (my OC) from the modern times figures out how she can time-travel to Victorian England, and with much progress, she travels back to that time and she plans to make her dream come true. You may submit OCs or chose a canon character to play.
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It's All About Oliver Twist!
Come and Talk about all things Oliver Twist from the ever eternal book to the movies or about characters or about fan fictions or things you thought should have happened in the book or just some general thoughts overall!
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Oliver Forum
Come chat about Oliver Twist or my story here!
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