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A Lowly RP surrounding me
Yes, as the title implies, this is an RP. You have to make your own characters, I don't really want to use the originals...Also, my character is the main character.
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The Pet's Café
Talk about the Children of the Red King Series here...Any fanfic ideas, theories, or just general talk...
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Become Who You Are: Endowed?
Come join in the chat, the role-playing, and the general fun at Bloor's Academy! Create your own character, your own power, or choose one from the books- be my guest! Choose your cape, choose your friends and enemies, and choose your loyalty!
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Everyone loves Charlie!
Hey guys! Come in here to talk about Charlie Bone and Co. Discuss the books, ask questions...Whatever, come in and talk about the Children of the Red King!
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The Red Castle
Come here to discuss the amazing world of the Children of the Red King.
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Charlie Bone RP
Ever want to go to Bloor's Academy? Now you can. Right This way to Bloor's Academy they are accepting new Students, Teachers, Cooks, Assitant Matrons, and Janiters XD. Okay you don't have to be a janiter but you can be one if you want lol. SO come on in b
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Bloor's Roleplay and Chat
Every wanted to be one of the endowed? Or maybe live the life of one of your favorite Charlie Bone characters? Come and roleplay! Chats are also avaliable as well. Swearing allowed
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Charlie Bone Role-Play
A Charlie Bone RP! You can play as characters from the books, or as your own character! Only two rules; 1. Respect other role-players. Failure to do so will result in banning. 2. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus! Have fun!
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The Sage and co shrine
this is where you talk about how much you love your fav character mine being lysander sage
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Charlie Bone Roleplay
This is a Charlie Bone RPG. Have fun!
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Ask Charlie!
Have you ever wanted to ask one of the characters from CRK a question? You can do so here!
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Who do you think would make good couples?
In the charlie bone books who do you think would make good couples?
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Children of the Red King Role Play!
Come and Role Play as the book Characters or your Own characters!Have fun
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The OOC's
This is just a forum for talking cough bragging cough about your made up characters.
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All The Other Stupid Stuff
Crazy stuff you make up about the characters.
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Number 9, Filbert Street
Come and discuss anything about 'The Children Of The Red King' anything to, your fav characters, or your fav endowments Etc...!
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Charlie Bone questions
Ask me any questions and I'll answer what I know about Charlie Bone. And if you know any of the answers,post them here too!
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A New Endowed
When a new girl comes to Bloor's she shakes things up a little. There she learns of a terrible secret about her. Desperate for answers she turns to her friends for help. Together they must stop the Bloor's from carrying out their newest evil scheme.
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Charlie Bone rpg
this is where you can rpg or role play with other members about going to the academy! XD
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100 Reasons Stuff
100 Reasons for what? To do what? Why do we love Charlie Bone? Why do we hate Charlie? List your reasons here!
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Charlie Bone Rocks right?
Just talk about charlie bone and dont forget to go to my own personal forum and website: www.wahoocharliebone. forum: www.wahoocharliebone.
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