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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, the amazing Chocolateer!Discuss anything related to the 2005 movie, original movie and book.
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Wonka Slash
WonkaSlash on ff.n. A place to come and discuss all things slashable in the CatCF fandom.
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The Wonderful World of Wonka
Have anything interesting that your going to write about? OC's, fanfics, couples, and favorites that you want to share? Share your opinions about the movie and the stories here.
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Welcome To The Factory
This is a rpg. make a rude kid.
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CatCF Gatherings
Discuss things. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory things. Maybe you'll find a cowriter or a betareader. Hooray.
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Wonka World Blathers
The title pretty much explains the forum. Discuss anything in or out of Willy Wonka's world, or just CatCF fanfiction in general. Or worship chocolate. Your choice.
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Wacky World of Wonka
Ask any questions for my stories, make requests andor give me ideas here.
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Dark Chocolate Magicians
Anything that comes to mind about Mr. Willy Wonka from the book or movie versions, or any reactions towards different fanfictions including him. Decent conversations about slash, OC's, good plots, or anything else can be contributed here. Do enjoy.
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Willy Wonka
Who is Willy Wonka anyway? We can hold discussions, start chats, hey, we might even hold a role-play or two! So check us out!
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Review related chitchat
A place for authors to post comment responses (and readers to reply) should they want to.
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