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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness RP Game
This is a RP forum where you can role play in Torak's world. Join the different clans, and just have fun!
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The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Place!
Okay, I've never made a forum before so please be kind. Basically this is the place for you to discuss what you think will happen, ships etc. etc. I hope everyone enjoys it!IMPORTANT: No swearing or bad language and please respect each other.
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Good ship Torenn! :D
Are you a supporter of the supposed romance between Torak and Renn? Have you written any sequels or fanfics that involve them as a couple? Here's your place to talk or possibly argue about all things Torenn.
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Wolf is my hero
talk about Wolf and how he RULES! OMG!
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This is where you can discuss Wolf
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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness RPG
You can play as a character from the book or make a character yourself. Then RPG to create another different story about Torka and his friends/enemies. So thats about it.
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Wolf Sister Character Contest Entry
Here is the entry for my story, if anyone wants to make a character.
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CoAD after the books
what do you think will happen after Ghost hunter
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