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Narnia Still Lives
Come one, come all! Take part in discussions on your favorite books, rave or rant about the movies, kick around ideas for fics, or simply chat. Come on in, the door is wide open. Narnia's not dead people. She still lives on.
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The Chronicles Of Narnia
Roleplay any character from the Narnia books and films... All Welcome :D
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Do you love reading the Chronicles of Narnia? Do you adore the Harry Potter series? Have you ever wished that these two lovely worlds could come together? Well, thanks to the lovely PrincessPearl, they have! Come and join us as we talk about Dreamerverse!
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True Narnians Unite!
Do you dislike MarySues and non-canon pairings? Are you a hardcore Narniac? Do you love the books? The movies? The Christian allegory? Want to nitpick about details and vent about stuff? Got any ideas for GOOD fanfics? Then this is the forum for you!
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El Viajero del alba
Este foro esta dedicado a todos esos amantes del mundo de Narnia. Aquí encontraras juegos, retos, debates, recomendaciones entre otras cosas más. ¡Participa!
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Narnians at heart
for all those who truly think they belong in Narnia.
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A Thousand Years
A thousand years have passed since King Edmund and Queen Lucy last visited Narnia on the Dawn Treader. The mystical land has fallen into one of chaos and disorder as a mysterious and dangerous enemy swamps the lands, turning everything to darkness. Aslan has not been seen for many years. There are some in Narnia that want to fight and others whose hearts are filled with evil. Whether you be son or daughter of Adam, the Kings and Queens of old or a magical creature, what will you do to help or end Narnia?
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For Narnia, and For Aslan
A forum for all things Narnia! Discuss the books, author, movie, fanfictions, submit plotbunnies, join the Games or take part in the Challenge!
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Chronicles of Narnia RolePlay
A place to Roleplay with any charictar
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Meant To Be
The Anna Popplewell and William Moseley forum. Discussion on whether they should be together. Not forcing them to, implying that they'd make a great couple...
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Who is better looking? Edmund or Peter? Skandar or William? And which of them is just an allround better kind of guy? Any views and opinions welcomed!
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The Chronicles Of Narnia
Here you can talk about anything that has to do with The Chronicles Of Narnia.
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Lewis and Christianity
C. S. Lewis was one of the most outspoken Christians in recent times, and his works including TCON are overflowing with Christian themes. Here is a place to discuss them politely, please!
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Narnia, French
J'ai remarqué qu'il n'y avait aucun forum en français sur Narnia, j'ai décidé d'en créer un ! Faites-vous plaisir.
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New Kings, Queens, Ladies and Knights
RPG. Some new kids stumble into Narnia. Make your own character, and RP them in Narnia! Members needed!
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Narnian Fan Works
Do you have ideas for fanfiction? Do you do fanart? Do you like to read or look at either one? Then click the link already.
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The Narnian Nuts Forum
The forum for people who are nuts about Narnia. Advertise your fanfics, answer Narnian trivia and discuss Narnia in general.
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The Modern Age
A Narnia Roleplay - Have you ever wondered what would happen if the "Last Battle" hadn't happened? Well, wonder no longer. The Last Battle never happened and Narnia lived on for ages and ages - still only enterable by magic. The Pevensies grew up and had their own children; and those children grew up and had children of their own; and so on and so forth. The new generations - or the offsprings, rather - must face their own adventures and unveil mysterious secrets.
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Narnia Stuff
You can talk about the books, do roleplaying, talk about the Christian aspects of Narnia, or just talk.
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Sub's Narnia Zone
A place to post your thoughts on everything and anything Narnia. Promote your own story, comment on others, comment on the movie, the books, whatever. You can talk about whatever you like, as long as you respect others. Flames will be deleted.
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Totally Peter!
If you love peter this is the forum for you! Herer you can get links to pictures of peter's actor in the movie version of C.S. Lewis acclaimed best selling novel The Lion the Withch and Wardrobe!
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Favorite Romantic Pairings?
Who do you like to see together in a fic? Come and discuss it here! NO PAIRING OR CHARACTER BASHING!
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The Real Treasure
Basically a place to discuss my community, "The Real Treasure." Among other things, there's a list of notable authors, and you can suggest fics you think should be added and I'll take a look at them.
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Narnia Role Play
Narnia role play based on the movies.
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The Royal Chronicles of Narnia Roleplay
A roleplay set in Narnia. Well, I suppose you figured that out already though, eh?
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