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Winter's Children: A Game of Ghosts
AU Roleplay - INVITATION ONLY - The four Pevensies never left Narnia, and their descendants have been ruling for hundreds of years. Now, they may face the darkest threat Narnia has ever known.
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A Thousand Years
A thousand years have passed since King Edmund and Queen Lucy last visited Narnia on the Dawn Treader. The mystical land has fallen into one of chaos and disorder as a mysterious and dangerous enemy swamps the lands, turning everything to darkness. Aslan has not been seen for many years. There are some in Narnia that want to fight and others whose hearts are filled with evil. Whether you be son or daughter of Adam, the Kings and Queens of old or a magical creature, what will you do to help or end Narnia?
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The Golden Age
AU - the Pevensies never left Narnia upon their first arrival, and so they stayed during the Golden Age, ruling and caring for the beautiful country. They themselves eventually marrying, and their children after them, and so on, until the Pevensies were considered great-grandparents (though most of them passed before they saw their great-grandchildren).
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Narnia Role Play
Narnia role play based on the movies.
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