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Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Role Play
"A label doesn't make something so. A label is just a word. It's what a person does that makes them who they are" .. This Role Play will take place when Vladimir is off for Stokerton University trying to live pass everything that has happened.
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Role play!
Book characters and OC's, first come first serve for the characters. I just want to say that I honestly don't have ANY plot set up soo...
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The Lights Go OUT
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod! Enter here for chatting, roleplay, and book discussions.
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vlad talk
vlad tod talk and rp when i get a moderator or two
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The Pravus
Vladimir Tod RolePlay and Chat.Of course this is a RP like no other!CC shall be "Refreshed" If character is not used in a week, it is open for someone else it's only fair! Feel free to pop in, and join in, on the wonderous adventures of Vlad and his fri
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Vladimir Tod, Anything
Anything about Vlad is here. From RPG to Challenges. Come on in, we welcome all.
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Vladimir Tod! :D! Tenth Grade bleeds! :D!
I just finished the book and im just like "Wow, i loved this book. But some parts of this got me soo mad!" What parts got you madd?
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Vladmir Tod : Her story now
Vlad got a married to Snow they had a kid, half vampire half human like Vlad him self... they named her Spencer, she's emo and hangs with the emo kids but what happens when Henrey's son Jason gets a glmpse of Spencer.. sparks fly!
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The Dark Side
A forum for all those Vladimir Tod lovers out there where you can chat and RP.
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CoVT 12th Grade Kills RP
No OC's, but ANY charecter, alive or dead, from the books. Also they can be from The Slayer Chronicles
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Life in Bathory with Vladimir Tod
It's your first year at Bathory Middle, and your so excited to be here. Your first friend you make, may change your life. So choose wisely. (This forum starts on book one, and it's like your in the book.)
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11th grade burns! added: 12th grade kills
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There's Always A Tomorrow
Have any questions, interests, or statements about the longest CoVT fan fiction out there? Come here to talk about anything and everything TAAT and CoVT related! Questions are welcome! After 4 years it's a wonder I didn't do this sooner, huh? ;
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Vladimir Tod RP!
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Roleplay and Discussions. This takes place directly after the last book in the Vladimir Tod series. OC's are more than welcome. The couple I've claimed is Snow and Vlad, that's all/ Feel free to join!
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