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Coppertone Wars
A gathering of people with common interests (and hates)—including chats, exchanges, games, and more. Everybody is welcome to join, :)
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Octavian Country Day RP
(Open, Roleplay/RP) When you enter Westchester, you leave the real world behind for the realm of the excess. Gossip, lies, drama, heartbreak, fashion, fights, betrayal, love, hate, money, and fakers lie behind closed doors-think you can handle it? Welcome to Octavian Country Day, the worst four years of your life.
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Seventh Grade Alphas
A Clique RP with the Beauty Brigade, The In-Charge Crowd, and The Betties, all trying to become the top, and win the boys. Join in Seventh Grade, High school, or at Hogwarts.
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The Writers' Lounge: Clique Edition
Created out of boredom. Readers, or people who are both, are also welcome. Discuss favorite stories, chat amongst fellow authors, or just take the break you deserve. We also serve nonexistant coffee. YAY!
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The Exchange
A gift/fic exchange for for the Clique fandom for various holidays. *Private-please only come if you have been invited.
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Of Alphas and Omegas
The Pretty Committee has just graduated 8th grade and has moved onto high school. This, however, means that it is time for a new clique to come into OCD and take over. The problem, there is more than one clique that wants the job, and no Massie to guide them along.
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Flamers Can Die! AntiLUmovement
Are you constantly acttackked by "BeyondClairity" and other people like her who flame your stories? Come here! NO FLAMERS. ANTI-LU
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Officially Unofficial Annual Clique Fanfic Awards
2010 is officially over, so let's celebrate the Clique way! nominate your favorite stories, oneshots, drabbles etc. originally owned by Honour Society.
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The 2011 Clique Awards
In which writers for the Clique nominate authors and fanfics in different award categories, and then eventually vote! *Accepts fics and authors from the 2011 year only.* Anyone can feel free to nominate. Adopted with permission from the Honour Society.
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Clique Roleplay :
Okay, so basically this roleplay takes place at OCD, with OCs and any of the old characters. In this RP you can create your own characters and create your own Clique world!
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Let the Games Begin
Cliques trying to fit into the perfect image the PC wants to become the ruling clique of BOCDHS. Only one can prevail. Scandals, breakups, hookups, and of course drama. Let the games begin.
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Holiday Fic Exchanges!
A fic exchange for almost every holiday (and other random events)! The more the merrier, so everyone should participate! Click for more details inside!
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The Cure Imagine
Writers block, have you down? Want to write a new story, but don't know how to start? You've come to the right place. Share story ideas, and tips. Also a way to get more reviews.
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the summer 2013 clique awards
the summer 2013 clique awards! pretty much self explanatory.
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Clique Roleplay Edition!
Come roleplay The Clique!
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The NEW Pretty Committee
The PC has went on and got married and had kids...the NEW Pretty Committee. Only 5 can be in the NPC but there can be rival cliques so feel free to come and make a character!
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goldtone peace treaty
Some things need to be stahpped
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The Pretties
A forum for all alphas out there. Chat about latest plot developments and recommend good fics. Or, you can just chat!
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The Winter 2015 Exchange
Details to be determined.
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The Hale Awards: Clique
Come to nominate and vote for your favorite clique stories in the Hale Awards
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The Clique RP
Ehmagawd! All the other roleplay forums are full! Well, let's start a new one! Why don't we switch things up a bit? "The PC never fully accepts Claire as one of their own, causing her to work harder." Why? Because we all know Kuh-laire screwed it all up.
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PC 4 life
AT OCD the school has one clique that's royalty. the pretty committee. massie the alpha will decide if you are cool enough to join the clique or are as lame and pathetic as an LBR.
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The Gold Sparkles or the Glamour Goddesses?
What happens when you go to Gold Goddesses, the complete school for girls? This is a make your own character forum, so make sure to Post! Oh, and there's rules and all that. It's not with the Clique characters, but it's kinda like that.
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The Unoffical FanFiction Secret Santa Exchange 09
Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to get a friend something for the holidays that was free and creative? Now you can. The 2009 FSSE can bring you ALL of that. Wanna find out more? Click the button!
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The Clique!
Role-playish stuff I guess on the clique, including polls, OC makers and much, much more! Watching the Rangers at this time, 10/27/11, go rangers!
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