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Boys r us
just rant on about the newset clique book Boys R Us anything and everything you think about it
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Clique HighSchool RolePlay
The PC in HighSchool
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The Pretty Committee RP
Just another RP with the hot topic being INFAMOUS Pretty Committee/ Clique.! All spots are open except Massie and anyone and everyone are welcome to join.! Once spots are taken they are TAKEN, but feel free to make up new or "remixes" of the PC, as wel
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Clique Debate
Let your opinion on the Clique shine through! Let others read your opinions. Clique lovers and haters alike are welcome! Debate about different topics on the Clique, take a look! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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The clique RP
Clique RP OCS welcome
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Massie & Derrick OR Dylan & Derrick?
Is anyone else having trouble on which Pretty Committee girl Derrington is better with?
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The Clique Academy
Do you heart the Clique? Want to rolplay with a bunch of other girls, to create a mass of The Clique worshipers? Join in. Create your own character, fill out a short bio, and jump right in! You must be a resident of Canada with an iPhone.
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Clique Second Generation Role-Play
So this is for people who are interested in clique second generation role-play, the setting is OCD of course! You can make your own clique with your friends on fan fiction, too.
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The Bored Committee
Open to all those that are bored, just want to chat, or basically anything else.
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Did You Miss Me, xoxo Massie
If you join this forum I would like to read your story on my podcast, I'll be reading my own stories too old and new. However, the choice is yours to ese can be stories of the PC in high school or life after. I want to know what do you think happened after the last book. This can me an OOC or AU as well.
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