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Octavian Country Day RP
(Open, Roleplay/RP) When you enter Westchester, you leave the real world behind for the realm of the excess. Gossip, lies, drama, heartbreak, fashion, fights, betrayal, love, hate, money, and fakers lie behind closed doors-think you can handle it? Welcome to Octavian Country Day, the worst four years of your life.
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Of Alphas and Omegas
The Pretty Committee has just graduated 8th grade and has moved onto high school. This, however, means that it is time for a new clique to come into OCD and take over. The problem, there is more than one clique that wants the job, and no Massie to guide them along.
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Clique Second Generation Role-Play
So this is for people who are interested in clique second generation role-play, the setting is OCD of course! You can make your own clique with your friends on fan fiction, too.
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