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Coraline RP!
Be captured by The Other Mother!
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Calling all newbies!
It's just what the title says! Anyone new or familiar with the book/movie can come and talk about...all things Coraline, I guess!
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Coraline X Wybie
Like the pairing? Or do you hate it? Do you even like Wybie?
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Coraline soundtrack songs
The songs are in french gibberish. but just maybe, some of it sounds like random english words as well. Just for fun, come here to tell me what you "hear" in a Coraline song.
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Coraline Video Game Remake
I think that the Coraline video game should be remade. I think it should be a sequel type game like the NBC game and that it should show the Darker, more twisted side of the Other World. It should be a fantisy action game where you don't go around looking
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The Purple Palace
(Crossover between Coraline, Paranorman, The Boxtrolls, and Kubo.) Right next to the Pink Palace, The Purple Palace is being built. Of course, new neighbors move in. The first boy with his family who claims he can talk to ghosts, the second boy from England with a suspicious amount of uncles, and the third boy who lives with his mother and is not allowed to go out after dark. With the return of the beldam, ghosts, trolls, and creatures from Japanese Folklore, Nothing will ever be normal again.
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Coraline a Plastic
Coraline is new to Ashland middle school and is having a hard time fitting in, until she meets the Perfs, the most popular girls in school
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Mystery Kids at Camp Camp
Stan bought some land back in the 80’s and has turned it into a legit summer camp for the mystery kids
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