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Dark Hunters life
So the dark hunters are having so problem in New Orleans so some new DH's get sent in, what could happen? Drama? Love? Death?
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DarkHunter Hotties
This is for all of those who want to debate over who is the hottest Dark-Hunter.
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DarkHunter RP :
Just a Role Play : Join me
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DarkHunter Fan Fiction
There are painfully few Dark-Hunter fan-fictions on this site, but what are your favorites? What's your favorite pairing? Do you have a fic that you've been reading, but is now abandoned? Tell it here!
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Answer to your sanity
***SPOILERS CAN OCCUR*** I have read all of Sherrilyn's books to date and would love some thoughts on what is going on as at times I'm find myself a little lost. Others must feel this way to so I figure a forum just for people to ask questions.
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A New Start
So, yeah, I'm new to forums and I wanted to start a new RP with my fav series and kinda experiment in forum creating. I hope someone may join me, I don't mind profanity, so long as it isn't used excessively and don't mind new characters or use of the old
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Cazadoras Oscuras
Bueno este foro es en general para hablar de la saga Dark Hunters y bueno hacer retos, preguntas temas de discucion... en fin cualquier cosa que se relacione con los hunters
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Role Playing
Doesn't matter if your good or evil, or if your a were, hunter, god, or goddess. we here to have fun sooooo... join
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The DarkHunter Spot
Everything About The Dark-Hunter Series.
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Dark Hunter Fanfic Challenges
A place for people to come and get or give ideas for stories.
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Midnight life
¿Preparado para poner en juego vuestra vida? Debereis luchar contra seres que se ocultan en la oscuridad, buscando sólo una cosa...vuestra alma. El ciclo del destino ya a comenzado y no puede ser detenido, ¿Podrás sobrevivir?
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