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The genisis project
Role play, chat, favourites, predictions, advertisment, or anything Darkest powers or randomness related is in here.
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D a r k e s t P o w e r s R o l e p l a y
Hey everyone! Come join me in a fun and intelligent role play based loosely on the wonderful Darkest Powers books!
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Atoning - Chloe novella
We are discussing Atoning - the Chloe novella that started May 1, 2014! Inside you'll find links to the current chapter, information about the Darkness Rising series (if you're unfamiliar), and hopefully quality discussion! Let's see if we can predict where this story goes.
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Derek Or Simon?
Should Chloe end up with Simon or Derek. I'm personally hoping for Derek. I like Simon, but he seem a little too perfect. What do you guys think?
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Violentious Project
The Edison group made a more unstable group.
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Darkest Powers Roleplays
This is a forum dedicated completely to the Darkest Powers Series or The Summoning Series as some call it .
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Darkest Powers Discussion and Chat
I know this has been done before, but this is a forum for anybody to chat about their stories or other stories. You can also ask for feedback on stories you want to do or stories that you are currently writing. Also, if you need to give any information, like a hiatus for one of your stories, you can do that also so that people know when to expect your updates.
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The Reckoning spoilers
Where we talk about the Reckoning by Kelly Armstrong and any other Darkest Powers books.
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Darkest Powers Roleplay
Be Chloe in the genesis project, or a whole new person! Almost anything is allowed : We are still accepting members.
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darkest powers triolgy
we talk about darkest powers books and we do roleplay so come here to talk about this triolgy and do roleplay
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Unanswered questions, plot gaps and conspiracy the
You know all those lil' details left unanswered, that sit there and niggle away at you? Here is where we anwser what we can and theorise everything we can't
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Darkness Rising
I've seen many Darkest Powers forums, and although this has got to do with the Darkest Powers, this is mainly about the Darkness Rising.
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Darkest Power Role Play
if you join this role play anything goes you dont pick who you want to be you just post like if someone post "Chole can you hear me."Derek asked. Any one can post back on it as chole : so please join and have fun
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Darkest Times
Create your own character or choose one of the books characters. Everyone was captured by the Edison Group and now they're trying to escape but they need your help.
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Darkest Power Trilogy Roleplay
This is to role play DP characters and OC characters. Any and everyone is welcome! I am in need of moderators. New powers can be invented! Anyone can create topics! So come on in and let your imagination take you to places.
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Darkest Powers discussion forum
Here we will talk about the series, the characters, and the fan fiction! Join us!
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Team Derek
Who says only Jacob and Edward get a team? This forum is for Team Derek fans. Write about what you like about a green-eyed werewolf.
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Darkest Powers RP
A group of kids are sent out to capture Chloe and her gang but what happens when they get captured too?
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FINALLY! They added Darkest Powers
Just a place to discuss anything about the Darkest Powers series.
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Darkest Powers Forum
This a forum for all of you Darkest Powers fans out there! Talk about the books, the characters, and what you think will happen in the Reckoning!
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If you want to say it, say it here
The title explains it all. but if u didn't understand its just a chat room to talk with other people who love DP
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After the reckoning
ok sooo it looks like the reckoning is the last book in the darkest powers series and we still have so many unanswere questions like. Who will simon end up wit? Will derek and Chloe stay togerther sooo i made up this forum to talk about waht would happen
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Victoria Enright
Is your favourite character Victoria 'Tori' Enright? Well then, this Forum is to discuss Victoria Enright. Who should she have ended up with? What did you think of her development? Do you think people were unfair to her? Do you feel sorry for her?
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