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Calling All Freaks: RPG
Join In! All are welcome, vampire's, freaks, vampaneze and more! And Help Create A RPG.
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The Cirque
Make a character and role play at the Cirque, Vampire Mountain, or anywhere else!
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Cirque Du Freak RP & Chat
Title says it all, everyone! You can come in and chat about CDF and RP, too!
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Possible Movie?
There be a rumor going around the internet that a Cirque du FreakDarren Shan Saga Whichever name you go by shall be made...Discussion for the subject.
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Cirque Du Freak Crack RP!
This is an RP! Submit your character, CDF or OC! Then join us on a crack adventure! It's crazy, random and funny! What's not to love! Follow me, Larten Crepsley and my assistant, Darren, on our craziest adventures yet!
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The Grip of Fear
Where you can talk about your favorite characters, relationships, the plots...anything goes.
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Freak RPG
Just another RP game. Please keep the RP as if you were reading the book series, meaning no obscenity please. Obviously, I do NOT own Cirque du Freak.
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cirque de freak
I love Crepsly, I'm going to ignore the ews. Where we can generally tell our thought
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Darren Shan Saga Yaoi, Slash, and Fluff Forum
This is a forum for all those Darren Shan fans of Yaoi, Slash, & Fluff. :D Talk about your favorite couplings or about the book and what you think would be cool if a certain something happened. Enjoy!
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Darren Shan Weirdo club!
For members of the Darren Shan Weirdo club to talk and RP and everything! MEMBERS ONLY! want to join, then either post a request on here, or PM one of the members! HAVE FUN! :D
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Everyones Favourite Vampire
Everyone loves Mr Crepsley so I decided to make a forum for him! Here you can disscuss anything and everything that is vampiric! Spoilers inside.
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The Demonata
As there's no official section for the demonata series, I decided to make one myself. For all you fans of our loverly little Grubbsyboy and the ever manic Dervish, come on in!
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Anyone seen the movie?
I've seen it and thought it was well done but what does everyone else think?
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Darren Shan Saga
Please,please check this out. You won't be dissapointed.
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steve leonard hate club or Team Kill Steve Leonard
if you hate steve as much as i do please join in! no pathetic steve fangirls allowed. CURSING WELCOMED AND RECCOMENDED !
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Anything and Everything
because there simpley isn't enough forums on this book. Yaoi and such are welcomed. Tell what you thought of the book and what you think should of happened, be fore warned spoilers might pop up!
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In Memory of Larten Crepsley and Hibernius Tall
In my opinion Mr.Crepsley and Mr. Tall were the best characters in the books and Darren Shan goes and kills them off! I cried when Mr. Crepsley died and miss them both dearly. R.I.P Mr. Crepsley and Mr. Tall
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New Darren Shan Book?
I've heard a rumor about a new book about Larten Crepsley coming out in October this year. Is it true? Clarification please!
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Kurda fan club
All who love Kurda, this is the place for you! Let's show the Kurda haters how cool he really is.
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Darren Shan Forum
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The Sancuary of Parody Master
A forum for my reviewers! I want to here from you! Also for any kind of DSrelated discussions!
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Dont you think its weird?
Dont you think its weird that Mr. Crespley and Darren spent soooo much time together...and what was he going to do in the 9th book...if you havent read it dont visit this forum
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Cirque du freak RPG and Chat forum
A place to chat about or RP Cirque du freak The Darren Shan saga
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Pairings, Pairings, Pairings
Come here to discuss your favourite pairings... whether yaoi, slash... or whatever you wanna call it.
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What we love about Larten Fluffy Crepsley!
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