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Daughters of the Moon Writers
I just thought it would be nice to have a forum where fellow DOTM writers can share ideas, ask for help, etc.
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The Daughters' Kids forum
Hey this is where you can learn about The Daughters' Kids Series Book 1: This book is all about Jessica it has some points of views about her mother Vanessa but its mostly about Jessica.I'll edit later!
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Daughters of the Moon Fanfiction CHALLENGE!
This is where you put up all those ideas that you're too lazy to carry out and need someone else to
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Birds of a Feather
Okay... So let us start a role play, I've noticed no one has, and that is just sucky! Okay so I call...Tianna!
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Falling into the Darkness
Alexis and Leon have been running for two years from her father. One day they come across a man name Damien who kidnappes her bringing her to Eldham., a human territory filled with string warriors. How will Leon get her back?
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