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Welcome to Hell-A Demonata RP
Just an RP for everyone who loves Demonata as much as I do! This is a brilliant series and we need more RPs!
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Favourite character
Who is your favourite character from the Demonata!
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Demonata Crack RP Forum Thingy!
Follow me, Lord Loss, and all those other morons who claim to be the 'Main characters' as we endure a crack forum! Roleplay as an OC or a character, or even yourself!
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Which Character would u be?
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RP: World Wide, World Pain
There's never a happy ending. If you believe that, come join us. Write down what you did today, and we'll tell you our life. If you are a familiar, Disciple, or even a normal human, you could enter! In fact, if you just want to read what has been happening on Earth or even in a demon universe, just come. There will be blood, horror, and adventures. Pass your soul around, and we'll be happy. We are here when you are, just know that there is never enough.
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Nightshade's Demonata forum
Talk about Darren Shan's fenomenal book series, from demons to Dervish, and books to Bec!
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Hell's Hereos Ending
It's all over! The ten books are all written how disd you react.
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Horror Gore Cafe!
Everyone is familiar with Darran shan and His magnificent set of books tittled,Circ Du Freak! But have you become knowledgeable with his knew gruesome buffet, the Demonata books? Well how horrible for you! Come and discuss the beautifully blooy books and
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This is about the Demonata from Darren Shan. What else should I say? HAVE FUN!
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Demonata RPing
Demons and humans. What could go wrong? Usually, nothing. But Lord Loss is upon us, and we must fight! Enter if you dare risk your life to save all... Originally mine, had Neko Sarah make it as a favor. XD She couldn't mod me. Image is Bran and Bec during the book Bec. Lol, cut-off.
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