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Orderly Chaos
We've got a mission from the gods, a motley crew of heroes, freaks and villains, and a whole lot of excitement. All we need is you. OCs welcome!
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Have a copper character? Ever wonder how they'd interact with Vimes, Angua, Carrot or the rest of Ankh-Morpork's Finest? Here's your chance, 'cause the Watch is recruiting. Needed: Original characters of criminal, police, or citizen variety, and players f
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Discworld RP
Nothing but glorious Discworld RP. But it's closed, so please don't just ask to join. By all means come and look around, but there are simply no characters left. Apologies.
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The City
A Discworld roleplay centered around the city-state of Ankh-Morpork. OCs and canon characters alike welcome!
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Discworld Chat
Stop shoving those Pratchett books on your poor confused friends who have no idea what a Vimes or a Scumble is! Talk about all things Diskish here. :Now with discworld Big Brother roleplay, Auditions still open:
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Discworld Madness
Anyone ever fancied a stroll through the wonderful madness that is the Discworld? Pick your favourite character or create your own...and let the madness begin!
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Twisted like Teatime
It's pronounced teh-ah-tim-eh. But you knew that. This forum is for anyone and everyone who enjoys reading about that charmingly psychotic Assassin Jonathan Teatime.
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Discworld, a discusion
This is basically just for people who want to talk about all things discworld, no invitation necessary. However, any bad behaviour will result in a time-out and susan being sent after you with a sword **evil grin**
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CMOT Dibbler's Beta Busters
For any Discworld FanFic autors that need a beta reader. Advertise here or look to help somebody else out.
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Discworld RP
Just post your characters and let's go! Start whenever you want, however you want. No limits!
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Young Sam
The general consenous amongst many writers on here dabbling in the future of the watch is that young Sam would be a copper. I intend to point out that his future is not written in stone as such.
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The Hogfather Forum
A forum to discuss our favorite Discworld story The Hogfather. TeatimeSusan. A Soul Cake Duck to all who enter!
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Pessimal's Filing Cabinet
A place to discuss the Discworld and other themed scribblings of A.A. Pessimal - some of the reviews and PM's received are just too good and thought-provoking to be left for my attention only. Since I'm getting a following, why not post your ideas here fo
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Susan and Teatime...my favourite dysfunctional pairing ever. Is it yours, too?
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Plot Shelter and OC Orphanage
Found a plot idea you don't have time to write? Begotten an OC you don't know what to do with? We'll take good care of them here until a loving author comes along to adopt them. Stuck for ideas? In need of a character? Come and see what we've got!
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