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Initiation with a fault
CURRENTLY INACTIVE Feel free to join in, have fun, and go nuts, but no bullying. Yes, you can swear if you must, but nothing racist or offensive. This is going to be for mature people and if you want to add some graphicness then keep it to a minimum. If you can do that then join in. Just remember those rules. Click and start rp if you agree! I'll take any amount of people. This is Roleplay for the five factions. Which one will you chose? Enjoy! Always looking for new people and is currently ACTIVE!
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The Second War: A Divergent RP
Intermediate to advanced roleplay. After the first war, everything went back to normal. But strange things have been happening. Will the next generation be able to stop the second war from starting? Allegiant never happened. OCs only. What faction are you a part of? **ACTIVE AS OF 6/5/14**
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Divergent Roleplay
One choice can transform you. Divergent roleplay which takes place before Tris' initiation, so OC's only. Choose your Faction wisely.
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Diverging into Divergence
An AU Divergent RP. Here, the series of events in the books didn't happen. Things are different, people are different. Feel free to play as an OC or Canon character and experience the world of Divergent for yourself! Always accepting, and always fun! ***Now getting ready to start a Choosing Ceremony***
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Divergent Rebellion
A RP for all you people who wished there was one.
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Divergent Role Play
Come join the world of factions were being different can kill you. Make OC's and a list of your favorite character's wait inside. So come join :)
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Divergent RP
Come on in, make an OC, take a canon, Have fun! Pretending that there isn't a war stirring- right when Tris becomes an initiate.
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Divergence is the key: Divergent RP
(Allegiant never happened) After Insurgence, the factionless' army was defeated. However the price of war is never light, in winning the factions lost all the characters in this war. They decided sacrifice is important than living. Everyone else who still survived was memory wiped, then reprogrammed to set everything back. However the next generation of divergents are back because divergence is the key. They are the key to stopping the next war,
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Divergent RolePlay
This roleplay is all about the fun! :) (and Divergent, of course ;3). Feel free to come on in and create a character! :) Just be sure to agree to the rules, first ;3 All are welcome!
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The Top of the Hancock
CURRENTLY ACTIVE! Writing support, reviews, and more friends; You can never have enough o' those, am I right? Possible story contests and fic exchanges in the future. *This is not an RP forum.*
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Divergent Roleplay
Hi. This is for those who want to roleplay and chat about their felling's about Allegiant.
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Un Abismo de Facciones
Foro dedicado a TODOS los fans de la trilogía Divergente, de Veronica Roth. No se me ocurría nada mejor para el nombre del foro, tristemente. Para que algo triunfe, se necesita de varias personas. ¡Eres a unirte!
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Divergent Roleplay
Set during Four's initiation, but including all Factions :P
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The Divergent RP
This is set where there was no war between Erudite and Abnegation, all welcome! WHAT FACTION WILL YOU CHOOSE? P.S This is an English language based forum P.S.S *ACTIVE*
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One Choice Can Resurrect You
*Before Divergent* This is the fourth choosing ceremony. All 16 year olds of the factions. Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peaceful, Erudite the intelligent, Dauntless the brave, and Candor the honest. Which will you pick. Once choice can Transform you. Another can Destroy you. And the last can Resurrect you.
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Because I can't come up with a better summary, for the authors of the 5/10 Challenge.
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Roleplay for Divergent! Currently Active (as of 1/15/14) and AMAZING! Join us and roleplay, chat talk, and do whatever with us! Join now...you will not regret it!
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The Factionless
Come here to create your own OC and travel through the world of Divergent!
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Let's talk DivergentRole playing
Let's start role playing shall we? No profane words. Please feel free to just drop by!
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Divergent RP
Come one, come all! Which faction will you choose? Abegnation? Dauntless? Erudite? Amity? Candor? Watch out - you might just turn out to be Divergent!
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Divergent Role-Play
Welcome to Divergent Role-Play where you can RP with all your fellow Divergent fans! Make sure to read the Rules under Help section before getting started, create a charrie on the Community section.
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AJ and Ella's Notebooks
A seven week course taught by AJ Grisham and Ella Weber (123lovestory) to help 8 young writers develop their skills and get comfortable working on the website. Come, sit on our wicker furniture and enjoy the sun as we drink sweet tea, oreos, and share all our writing secrets.
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Private RP: The Letters of Sangrey
Please, please just go away. Danke schön.
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Detergent I mean Divergent
"We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another." OC's only.
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Divergent Discussion
Welcome to the first Divergent Forum. Come here to chat about the upcoming books,or role play the books, whichever you want.
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