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The Five Harmonious Factions
Candor, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, or Abnegation. Come discuss the five factions of Divergent and see which one you will join.
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General Divergent Stuff
There are loads of RP forums but there aren't many for general help, y'know for things like if you want some help for ideas for a story, or you want a beta reader or you just want some people to review your story. Feel free to create a topic for your own story if you want ideas or for other things :)
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Faction Before Blood
A Divergent role-play: take the aptitude test, choose a faction, fall in love. All that kind of fun junk. ;D
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Tori's Tattoo Parlour
Welcome to Tori's Tattoo Parlour, a stones throw from the Chasm. See if you can face your fears my initiates...
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Divergent Roleplay
Divergent Roleplay.
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Divergent roleplay!
This is my Divergent Roleplay! It takes place in a different time period than the books. So make a character and join the fun!
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Diverging Fates,, rp
An OC only, Divergent rp! come one, come al!
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Divergent Roleplay(RESTARTED)
Read the book, thats fine, seen the movie, same! Come join us!
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Break Free
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I want to know why YOU love Divergent fan fiction!
As a fan fiction enthusiast going on 6 years I want to find out why it is we love it so much! I have decided to write my final year dissertation on fan fiction in the Divergent community and really need you guys to help me out! Please please please fill out my survey and post any discussion below about why you LOVE fan fiction!
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Divergent by Veronica Roth
This is a forum for people who've read Divergent to just talk about stuff. It's an awesome book!
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Divergent Roleplay For All
One Choice Changing everything? You bet! Join this Roleplay Thread and roleplay as your way in the world of the Factions. *xD That was so lame.. but whatever.* Come and join today!
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Divergent Roleplay
Divergent Roleplay. Choose your Faction. Dauntless, Candor, Abnegation, Euridite and Amity.
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Divergent Roleplaying
So...ever wanted to make your dream person or put yourself in the world of Divergent but just never had the time to write a story about it? Well, now, you can make yourself known to the world. Whether Dauntless, Amity, Divergent or Factionless, we take all. Become a member after a month, and compete in one-shot competitions to become a faction representative (remember that expires after a month, so there will be monthly competitions), and much much more.
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Dauntlessly Eris: An Eris & Tric Community
A general community forum for Eris / Tric writers and readers alike! The ultimate battle couple, both would sooner die than see the other harmed. Snarky and sweet, their bickering is only a guise. And in other cases, they've gone from sniping AT one another to spotting FOR one another.
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Divergent High School Roleplay
Come in, new students of Divergent High! Register for classes, join a faction or don't, all are welcome. Contests, prompts, chats, roleplay, there is something for everyone, so jump in and start classes!
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It's Your Choice
Join a Divergent fanclub with writing, reviewing, roleplaying, games, and more!
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2020 Divergent RP
Hey, i noticed that The Divergent fandom doesnt have an RP that is up to date. Well, i proudly present this one! It is a story that takes place after Tris and Four become members. There is no war!
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The Sadistic Pansycakes
A forum for all fans of Divergent, regardless of when you started loving it. Join us, choose a faction, and have a blast!
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All Tris, All Tobias, All the time
Here's a place to vent anything Tris/Tobias related. Come on in and share YOUR crazy ventings about the main couple.
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Abnegation HQ
I will become my undoing if I become my obsession. I will forget the ones I love if I do not serve them. I will war with others if I refuse to serve them. Therefore, I choose to turn away from my reflection, to rely not on myself but on my brothers and sisters, to project always outward until I disappear, and only God remains.
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Divergent RP
We role play like we live in there world!
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Divergent Writing Challenges
Have you run out of inspiration? Need to beat that writer's block? Come on in for fresh ideas! (Detailed summary and rules inside)
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When in Divergent
What we would do in the Divergent world, and what the Divergent characters would do in our world! Do you have what it takes to live in Divergent? Do they have what it takes to survive in our world? Come to find out!
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A Broken Reign (A Red Queen RP)
Reds have been enslaved for hundreds of years, forced to work for their silver masters, their gods. But a new age has arrived, the silver reign is braking, and fast. Will the reds be able to brake free and rise as they fight for freedom with the scarlet guard? Will a new group of strange and impossible red blooded people be able to come out as they really are? (Red Queen RP)
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