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Divergent Roleplay:
This is a past, Diverent Roleplay. Imagine a group of people braking out of the gate, discovering verything in ruins, imagine what terrible thins they had to go through while they searched for a way to fix everything. Maybe they will, maybe not. Come Join. Anybody welcome.
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Divergent and Insurgent
Forum for all Divergent Stuff!
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Lets Rant About Authors Killing Off Characters We Love!
Just let it out. Hush, child. It's going to be okay
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Would anyone read a TrisUriah story if I wrote one
I was thinking about writing a Tris/Uriah story, would anyone read it? comment if you would or wouldn't!
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Scary Six
Got any questions about the story that I have on the go or just wanna give some idea's or chat to me about the story, join this forum. You won't regret it.
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Divergent RP For all
One choice can change everything.. Just like.. One choice can destroy everything. What will your choice be..?
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Factionless Shadowhunter's Forum
Want to talk about recent 'Jeanine Matthew's Daughter' chapters and more? Now you can here!
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Stage Lights- FourTris fanfic
A forum based off of my fanfic, Stage Lights. Anything you want to know, questions, ideas, suggestions, anything and everything... right here. :-)
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Divergent Danger
Kate Dawson is divergent. Every where she goes is a danger. Will Kate be able to keep her divergence a secret? Most importantly, will she be able to survive?
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This is my version of the way Allegiant should have ended
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Carmahndra's Corner
A hideaway for all the notes I have on my Fanfiction, information about the pieces themselves, and various different guides, tips, ideas etc for those who feel they need them, or just feel like taking a peek.
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The divergent fandom
A place for all the divergent FAM all factions welcome nice erudite tolerated welcome all fan boys and fangirls RiP tris talk about fics and advice for writing too
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Kay loves Amity but after some twisted turns take place she turns cold and doesn't want to be Amity anymore. the one place she feels like she belongs is dantless
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After Allegiant
After we find out Tris isnt dead after all. She meets an unexpecting friend. She will soon meet all of friends again incluing Tobias. She hasnt seen him in three years. He still doesnt know shes alive. After she settles back in with her friends she will go on some unexpected adventures. But as long as she has her friends and family, she will be okay, right?
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Divergent Men
Let's talk about the men in the Divergent Trilogy! Who are your favorites to read about in fanfics? Who's the best? Movie or book versions?
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Tris Hate Club
I just hated Tris and that is unpopular but I don't care, join me!
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The Love Triangle
What happens when Tris, Four, and Uriah end up in a love triangle?
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Love as a pop star
Tris is eighteen years old she is a young girl living in Chicago and loves to sing. But on day while singing in a coffee shop Popstar Four hears her. What will happen Fourtris or something else? Warning tons of swearing maybe some smut :P
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Take Chance
In a mdern dat world Tris’s brother Caleb is a social media star but when the time cones will she choose to stick along side with her brother or will she join another group with no turning back. (PG-13)
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Just Fruity
This is how Tobias and Tris would’ve met if they lived in todays world (before the coronavirus)
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