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Dragonriders of Pern
A place to discuss the world of Pern, the author and share story ideas.
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You Might Be An Anne McCaffrey Fan If
101 You Might Be Anne McCaffrey Ifs. Was Originally posted but had to take it down, so now it's here. Enjoy!
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Controversial Issues Concerning Pern Fanfiction
Are greens genetically sterile or not? Are there only the five colors not counting Ruth ? Is a Mary Sue ever acceptable and how do you fix the problem ? Discuss and debate issues such as these and anything else that you think you can prove or disprove
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Dragonrider Names
Make a list of any dragonrider names that you can make up, be sure to say both their dragonrider name eg. F'lar and their real name eg. Fallaranon
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Worlds other than Pern
Created not because I dislike the Pernese, but because there aren't any forums about anything else here.
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T'lana's AU High Reaches
This is a forum to permit extra information to be displayed about the AU I write in, such as who's who lists
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