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The Jane Austen Writing Society
This place has been created for dedicated Jane Austen Fan Fiction writers and readers. A place for beta reading, fact checking, discussion and an introduction to more Jane Austen fans. I hope to make this a safe haven for all of us.
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Where you can discuss all things Emma!
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A Comedy of Manners: The World of Jane Austen
Jane Austen. The English Regency. The craft of fiction. Cross the threshold, and pierce the bosom of a writer’s haunt. Here the genius is tickled, ideas are born, and Jane Austen's times rekindled. Discussions of fan literature encouraged.
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Jane Fans
Anyone who likes Jane Austen can say what they want, why they like her, when they started reading, what their favorite books are, etc...
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Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensiblity. My favorate books
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Jane Austen: The Books, Movies and Fanfic's
This is a forum for people to discuss Jane Austen's books, movies and fanfiction.
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Favortie Quotes
Basically, it's all in the title. A forum to discuss your favorite Austinian quotes from book to movie.
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Jane Austen's World of Gentlemen
Jane Austen created gentlemen of all sorts. Some dashing and worth falling in love with, and others not. Discuss your favorite gentlemen here.
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jane austen movies
which movie version from the jane austen's books do you like the best?
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what do you think about Jane Austins Persuasion? talk to me.
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Jane Austen: Talk About It
I'm sure a lot of people have forums asking this question, but what is your fav. Jane Austen book and what book would you like to see more fanfics made for?
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Regency RPG
This is an RPG for those who love Jane Austen and the Regency time period in general.
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Sense and Sensibility
Discussion about Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, its FanFictions and were to find x-over fiction.
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Northanger Abbey
All of those fans and I know you're out there who love this book. I'm just reading it now and already I'm hooked. Go figure.
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The Jane Austen Book Club
Read one Jane Austen Book a month and discuss! Starting February 1st: Pride and Prejudice
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Jane Austen
Ein Treffpunkt für Jane Austen Fans.
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