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Twisted Tales
Remember... remember that little girl cloaked in red, bringing her grandmother some bread? Maybe the twins who nearly got eaten by an evil witch? Well guess what, they're real, and crave revenge.Welcome to the land of Once Upon a Times, Happily Ever After, and Magic. Wait, only one problem- its been taken over by the villains. Now let's welcome back our heroes and see if they still have the stuff to take back this run-down town.
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Fairy Tale Discussions
A place to discuss fairy tales and to inspire others.
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Private Forum
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Once Upon A Fractured Fairy Tale
After a bored wizard accidentally creates a portal from his book of fairy tales into the real world, he's met with quirky princesses, arrogant princes, and misunderstood villains. Thankfully, he lives in an enormous estate where few pass by. **Set in the modern world.
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Happily Never After
A long time ago fairytales had there own world but someone took control of the royal family and started killing or capturing everyone to capture the magic, unable to stop this evil doer everyone went trough portals to the modern world where they've been stuck ever since.
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Need reviews?
Feeling down because no one is reviewing after you have put all that hard work and effort into your fairy tale story? Getting pissed? Anyone? Well, if your looking for a review, this is the place for you. Haha. That's corny.
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The Untold Fairy Tales
Role play as your favorite Fairy Tale character, and join the random storylines for fun!
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Fairy Tales Past And Present
Talk about your favorite fairy tales or new ones.
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Fairy Tales in the Modern World
This is where people can play their favorite fairytale characters in a modern setting.
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hansel and gretel
Hansel and gretal number 9 by grimm illustrated by ben stewart 14 century german black death 1349-1351
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the buried moon and all fairy tales
fairy tales illustrated graphic novel hardcover book from fairy tales myths and saints with all wonderful stories with life
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Fantasy Books
This is the place to recomend fantasy novels or books or the like.
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Beyond the Fairy Tale
Got any published fairy tale novelizations or fairy tale based movies to recommend?
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The Fairy Tale World Role Play Game
In this Role Play, you can play as your favorite Fairy Tale characters List of Available Characters Inside , and live in their Universe,as THEM. Further details inside. :
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Favorite FanFiction Fairy Tales
Not any of the original stuff like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. You know, something that a fanfic writer wrote.
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bluebeard by Charles Perrault illustrated by Beatrice tiller number 8 fairy tales illustrated graphic novel hardcover book it from 16 century Tudor France and in England king henry have six wives it be really scary story and be careful
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Favorite fairy tale
which is your favorite FT? which do you think are realy lame? do you have a fav FT on fanfic can u share it with people? thnx cool awesome whatever ect ect
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Little Red's Fairy Tales
A place for you all to discuss about the story...what you like, what you dislike...your favourite parts and whatnot!
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A RolePlay, If you will
Any one who wants to Role Play, please give ideas, MIDEVIL please
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Queen 2 B, Or Not 2 B?
Amanda is the new generation queen to be. Will her guide,and best friend help to find the new queen's kingdom called Ashtar?
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White Raine
Alex is graduating & only 10 things occupy her mind: sneaking out, clubbing, drag racing, dancing, partying, teen romance, prom, a looming dread of moving halfway across the country and…a scary stalker? New chpts up! Please R & R & tell me what you think!
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A spot to discuss possible fairy tale makeovers in all their glory. A place to share writing tips and experiences.
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People who like to write or read stories about magic, come here!
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Fairy Tales: Can they be true?
Can life be like a fairy tale? Can I have a Cinderalla life, and then find my Prince Charming? Can I be a Bell, and save my Beast? Can life truely be a fairy tale?
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Fairytale RPG
A RPG where you can become any fairytale character you want to be!
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