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A Fallen Roleplay :D
the title says it. it's a roleplay on the Fallen novels. original & new characters :D
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Fallen Roleplay
Well since none of the other Fallen roleplays are active, I decided to make one. Play as your favorite Fallen character or an OC and have fun! Rated T, but will have a topic for M rated scenes. *Anyone can join* *INACTIVE***
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Fallen at Twilight
Fallen at Twilight is a crossover between the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate and Twilight by Sthephenie Meyer.
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Shoreline Academy
Welcome to Shoreline Academy, be you Nephilim, Fallen Angel, Demon, Human or anything else. Come join the ranks, choose your side. Canon and OC friendly, will take place at the end of the first book Fallen. Can venture into slightly AU topics, come join and find out. In English.
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El Amor Tiene Alas
La Misión de este foro es tratar de dar a conocer la SAGA OSCUROS. Y si ya conoces tratar de participar en opiniones, juegos, retos, etc. Para conocernos y dar un tributo a esta Saga de Ángeles. Se Buscan CDC: Urgente.
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Fallen Role Play!
Ok... Well since no one has play any of the other role plays since early may or before, I' making one in the hopes of it getting somewhere. Please enjoy, but read the rules, and PLEASE make sure you have read the book and know the ropes. HAVE FUNN!
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Fallen:Become Your Favorite Character
Pick your favorite Fallen character and rp as them. First come first serve. You can also create your own angel or demon and rp as them. Human characters welcome. Come join my Rp.
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Fallen RP!
Please know some about the book please! And enjoy! Please read rules too and don't post on forums unless you make character, I will try to be on to approve your characters so please enjoy making them! And try to make more humans then demons/fallen angels.
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Fallen Rp
make a character and then roleplay
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All Things Fallen The Book By The Amazing Lauren Kate And About All The Characters, Come And Join In The Chat...
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Fallen Roleplay
Join the adventure as new angels and humans are introduced into the story and see how it affects Luce's fate. *Takes place during the first book*
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Whose your favorite Fallen character?
We all have our favorite characters and we all sometimes feel the need to gush about them so... Gush away! Share your favorites and tell us why!
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we all know the background of sword & crosses but what about all the other students who we didnt get to meet i mean those fee chosen ones couldnt be the obly ones. so make a characther orignal are welcomed ...first come first served .. and live out the st
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Create Your Own Announcer
If You Were To Open An Announcer, What Would You Want To Find?
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The Fallen Angels
Some Angels are destined to fall.
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Fallen RP
A roleplay based on Lauren Kate's Fallen series. Be an angel, demon, Nephilim, or a human. Accepting canon claims and OC's!
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