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The Marriage
PekkaRoyale: Characters: Zim, Gir, Marriage Guy, and people! I don’t own this show! So pls understand and enjoy this fucking story! Zim: GIRRRRRR! Gir: Yes master Zim? Zim: Do you realize what... Gir: (Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah) *kisses Zim on the lips* Zim: DO... THAT... AGAIN... IIIIII DAAAAARRREEE YOOOOUUU, GIRRRRR! Gir: *doing it again very slowly* Zim: *grabs Gir and kisses him really good* Gir: You ain’t mad, Zim? Zim: SIIILLLEEEENNNCCCEEE, Gir! Just do it with me AGAIN! Gir: *tongue kissing Zim* Zim: *the same what Gir’s doing* Gir: Do you hate me? *starts to sob* Zim: GIR! Why the fuck would I hate you if I accepted your kiss? Gir: then hug me *hugs Zim* Zim: *hugging him and picking Gir up* Gir: Zim? Zim: Yeah, Gir? Gir: *pulls a 5000 ring and... and* WILL YOU marry me, master? Zim: *speaking very lowly (is that even a real word?)* oh... ohhh... myyy... goood... Gir! *starts to yell at Gir for his* OF FUCKING COURSE GIR... Gir: REALLY? You mean... Zim: NOT! Gir: *starts to sob and whine* WWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY? You CANNOT ACCEPT IT? I’VE DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY MEEEEEEEE? *SCREAMS LIKE A FUCKING GIRL until Zim changes his mind* Zim: Gir? I was just kidding! I will marry you because you’re my buddy and my beloved friend! [Going to the place where you get married! (not a church)] Marriage Guy: will you take Gir as your beloved husband? Zim: Yup! Marriage Guy: and will YOOOOOOOUUUUU take Zim as your beloved husband too? For some reason? Gir: *crying* yup, I do! Marriage Guy: Two of them will be husband to husband... if that makes sense to Zim and Gir... YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE... if you want to! [Zim and Gir kissing and tongue kissing as well] People: *Laughing (most of them) and cheering* Gir: ohh Zim... Zim: ohh Gir... Marriage Guy: ship for ZaGir! Who agrees with me? People: YEEEEAAAAHH! [now their ship name is ZaGir (I mean of course ZaGir is a ship name for Zim and Gir)... ZaGir went home] Gir: now we’re engaged, right sexy? Zim: and married as well, my daddy! Welp, I’m gonna sleep! Good nig... Gir: Ziiim? Zim: *sighs* yeah Gir? Gir: since were married, we can sleep together and do butt stuff together! Huhhh? Zim: mmmmm *sticks his tongue out and starts to water his tongue* lets do it, then we sleep! [few hours later] Zim: That... was... awesome! Did you felt it, Gir? Gir: *panting really hard* yup, Zim, yup I felt it hard! Zim: well, I going to sleep, Gir! Gir: me too, I love you, Zim! Zim: I love you too, Gir! [Both hugging and kissing at the same time] Zim: goodnight! Gir: night! [Aaaaaand... that’s all! The End]
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