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The Beginning of Darkness: A Fifty Shades of Grey RP
Come into the world of Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoy the sex, domination, and money. The characters are the same, but the plot is going back to the beginning. How will things play out this time around? come inside and see. *Closed*
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Missing Authors
I was surprised that there was not a place for us to go to help each other with locating missing authors so i wanted to create it I just hope this does not get removed
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Fifty Shade Chat
This is a forum for chatting about all things 50 Shades.
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Looking for a story
I'm looking a story about Anna and Christian getting an divorce and everyone blames Anna and grace slaps Anna and Teddy has a birthday party and Anna becomes successful.
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50 Shades of Grey, Formerly Master of the Universe
As some of you probably have heard, snowsqueen icedragon, a fanfiction author and writer of 'Master of the Universe' took her imitation of Stephanie Meyer's world 'Twilight' into the mainstream by publishing '50 Shades of Grey.' the same text! What does this mean for FF writers?
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Por la Secuela de Cincuenta Sombras
Porque todos deseamos la secuela de Cincuenta Sombras de Grey. Y como no podemos hacer demasiado para hacer este sueño realidad, podríamos entretenernos un poco con el fandom y avivarlo en nuestro idioma. No sé, quizá... ¿Qué tal un par de retos?
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Fanfiction of the Fifty Shades
With the completion of Shades of Grey and in-progress of other Fifty Shades fanfictions, this forum is to generate any ideas; discussions and questions to learn more about the stories. This will also help explain any confusions or create moments of speculation or discussion of favorite moments from any of the FS fanfictions I have done. *No spoilers will be posted*
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Hidden Gems
I've read a lot of the most reviewed and favorite 50 shades fanfiction, but if there are any "hidden gems" or stories that you think I should give a try, I'd like to read them. I like longer stories, so feel free to list some of your faves! Thanks :-)
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fifty shades of fucked
everyone writes a part of a story until it it unravels
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Fifty Shades of Grey
This is a forum to discuss all things involving Fifty Shades of Grey and it's subsequent sequels! All opinions and views are welcome, just please remember to keep it tolerant!
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Looking for a book
Looking for a story where Ana and Christian go to school together. They don't like eachother so they play a game to make the other fall in love with eachother. It's a 2 part story. I believe Ana breaks up with Christian when he goes to college an she meets him 4 years later an he datinG Leila. She has a boyfriend as well. Elena is in school with them! Please help me!
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help finding a story
Help finding a story where Anna works undercover in the grays bar
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Its a choice
Will I forgive my self or will i put everything to this diary I will always love her
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Just got on to Fan fiction to check for the FSOG story 'Only Your Housekeeper Knows For Sure' by Lovesfiftyshades and noticed that it is no longer posted. Can anyone tell me how I can contact the author to see if I can read her story written from Gail's POV? I read the story up until approx a year ago when RL got in the way of reading FF. Unfortunately, when I received the last Chapter alert update for Chapter 131 of this story (OYHKFS) on Dec 22, I was re-reading other FanFic favorites for FSOG & GWTW... I
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Fifty shades of gay: next generation
My Asshole(gaping)
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Looking for a story! help
Christian is starting to work on Ana's horse ranch in another town. She doesn't know he is CEO when she hires him.
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fifty shades of light
Seattles youngest billionaire bachelor Christian Grey falls in love with a girl whom he finds in an abusive condition. what will happen when they will face each others past and secrets. fifty shades fanfiction.
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Searching for a story
Looking for a story where Ana and Christian both go to a BDSM club abroad neither of them have been to before. Christian calls himself Taylor I can't remember the name Ana goes by but the end up meeting up again when they are both back in Seattle
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looking for a story
story was about Anastasia, kate and Jose planning to steal Christian's money. she got pregnant and he found out after the baby's birth but she fell in love with him. he was kicking her out when he overheard her on the baby monitor talking about being in love. what is the name of this story?
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