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The Beginning of Darkness: A Fifty Shades of Grey RP
Come into the world of Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoy the sex, domination, and money. The characters are the same, but the plot is going back to the beginning. How will things play out this time around? come inside and see. *Active Everyone Welcome*
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Fifty Shades of Blood
Come explore The Shades world with a new lust of change. What if there was more? What if there was more darkness to being freed then we thought? Step into the darkness and take a whiff of the money, the blood, the sex, and the power. ;;Closed;;
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Missing Authors
I was surprised that there was not a place for us to go to help each other with locating missing authors so i wanted to create it I just hope this does not get removed
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Fifty Shade Chat
This is a forum for chatting about all things 50 Shades.
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50 Shades of Grey, Formerly Master of the Universe
As some of you probably have heard, snowsqueen icedragon, a fanfiction author and writer of 'Master of the Universe' took her imitation of Stephanie Meyer's world 'Twilight' into the mainstream by publishing '50 Shades of Grey.' the same text! What does this mean for FF writers?
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fifty shades of fucked
everyone writes a part of a story until it it unravels
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