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Back at Spence
For those girls who want to go back to Spence and re-live their parents glory days or make their own. Roleplays, chats and fun!
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The Order
Gemma and the girls have seperated and grown old and its time for the next generation. Somehow they're all brought back to good old Spence Academy, where dark secrets still lie and gypsy caravans with mysterious boys still come.
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Movie of AGTB
My friend thought that Emmy Rossum should play...drumroll, please...Ann. WHAT THE HECK! Sorry about that, but I really think she should play Pippa. Who do you know should play Ann, Felicity, and Gemma? Got nothing but for Pippa.
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Enroll someone at Spence! I'll make a story with them, like a SYOT but for the Gemma Doyle Trilogy :
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A great and terrible beauty Forrum
ok, since there are NO forrums for this book, i'm making one talk about anything from the book
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G&TB slash
Discussing various slash pairings, plausible and not. Don't like, don't read.
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The Hotel California
Gemma and Kartik have fallen in love. Simon is furious and tries to stop them from being together. Will he acheive his goal or will he let them live and love in peace? R&R!
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The Official Gemma Doyle Trilogy Thread
This is a forum to discuss all three books without any constraint. Major spoiler warnings, so don't venture inside until you've read all three books!
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The Raging Battles
A place for fans to come and argue...ahem.....debate. Small TSFT spoilers inside! You have been warned!
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The Gemma Doyle Trilogy Fic Awards
Recently, the AGATB fandom has had a huge fandom. So we really need to award people for writing awesome fics--old favorite, and new ones. So come, nominate, vote, and just have fun. I'll come up with a better summary soon. I promise.
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Felicity and Pippa
fans of the relationship between pippa and felicity in the great and terrible beauty books by libba bray will love this forum...
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