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Guardians of Time GaGa!
I thought that there needed to be a forum for GoT, so here it is. here to discuss favorite characters, changes in the story that you'd make, etc,
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Guardians of Time
Hey...we need a forum for this too!
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A lot of reviewers of my SPHERE fic think I should add more IsabelArkarian fluff... here you can state your case for or against the idea.
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An error?
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GOT Cliches and Why We Like the Books Anyway
Okay, let's face it: the trilogy is full of cheesy moments and disturbingly perfect characters. Yet here we are. Discuss things about the books that bother us and why we hang around in spite of them.
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Guardians of Time Talk
The Guardians of Time lovers have a chance to talk about this great series to eachother It's a chance for all guardians to unite! Let's discuss which character we would like to be either in the story or a new character of your own. What gifts would you l
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Guardians of Time ROLEPLAY!
What if you were a guard of time? What if you had the choice to be one from the book? What if you could change time...
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