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Chat, Advertising, and World Domination
It's a clash of H.I.V.E.'s elite force, a force that extends through all four streams. We chat. We advertise. We whine about long updates. We laugh, laugh, giggle-snort. We, the evil geniuses of the world, have assembled.
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HIVE Students RP
You are the new students, and you are the future. Welcome, students of H.I.V.E. Please signup and keep in mind that not everyone is an Alpha. First few to claim characters will be able to RP as Teachers.
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HIVE ship forum
This is a forum for discussion about all H.I.V.E. ships. Anything from normal pairing like Ottra and Naven to the most bizarre ships you can come up with. I just noticed that there hasn't been a H.I.V.E. forum in AGES.
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Welcome to the H.I.V.Echat, a new H.I.V.E forum for anything. Found a great story? Want yours reviewing? Got any news? Come here, and assemble, H.I.V.E students! First two here get to be moderators!
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Everything HIVE
Place to post any and all hive related topics. Please try to avoid OCs and Mary Sues though. And no profanity PLEASE. Thanks. Enjoy.
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Ask Pike
This is the place to ask those questions that would get you a smack to the face if you asked them to your teachers! Ask Pike your ridiculous questions and he will answer! Ask away!
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Random HIVERelated thoughts
Thoughts to be shared amongst other random-thought thinkers. HIVE-related, of course.
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HIVE Plotlines, ideas, and abstract ramblings
Welcome, welcome, to my forum. Where any and every idea is welcome as long as it's appropriate for teenagers. I really don't want to get my account revoked or something... Most of us are teenagers, so we won't have a problem here. This should be interesting. And you can post story ideas on here and ask people what they think or something. And feel free to start a new topic!
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Give me ideas for a H.I.V.E. fanfic idea. Couples? Plot? I will write it for you and give you credit for the idea.
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Raven's Apprentice
Raven's Apprentice: Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Post them here!
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