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Say Anything
Well, almost anything! Keep in mind that this is a family environment, so comments need to be made as such. This is just a forum that you can speak your mind of the stories that are posted here!
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Frank and Nancy: The Couple That Never Could Be
This is for all of you Frank and Nancy fans! And I know you're out there. You can just pour your heart out about them and never mind how crazy it may sound! You're among friends in here!
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Questions on the Hardy BoysNancy Drew
Here is where you can post questions that you have on the HBs or ND... or here is where you can answer the questions Please remember that this is a family environment so please don't be inappropriate... other then that, ask away!
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Hardy Boys Fans!
This is about ONLY the Hardy Boys, sure Nancy Drew is good but this is the fan forum for the Hardys. Come talk about your views of the boys.
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Story Ideas
Need an idea for a new story? Have a story you'd like to see written? Need help with a story? Post here!
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Our More Unusual Pairings
Come here to discuss the pairings we only see in fanfiction, like JoeNancy, FrankBess, JoeGeorge, etc.
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New SuperMysteries vs Original Supermysteries
A Forum to discuss the new 'Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMysteries' and the originals.
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Nancy and Ned lovers!
Hey, this is for everyone that loves nancy and ned but can never really talk about them or anything.
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The NEw Kid on the Block
There is trouble in the town of Bayport
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Hardy Brothers: Say Anything Your Heart Desires
Like the title says!
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Frank Rocks!
This forum is for those who love Frank, and think he deserves more attention, not just as Joe's older brother.
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Joe Rules!
Kind of like the one for Frank, only Joe. For all Joe fans, or Joettes as they have come to be called.
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12 Days of Christmas Story CHALLENGE
A challenge to write a 12 days of "Chrime-mas' Story!
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Reasons why we like the boys so much
Express your love for the hardy brothers and let others know why you love them
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Nancy Drew Fics
None given.
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Bring The Hardy Boys back to the small screen
With all the reboots of tv shows why not bring back The Hardy Boys. They're already bring Nancy Drew TV show...come on why not...give us Frank and Joe Hardy...who is with me? Love to hear anyone's thoughts. Would you watch a Hardy Boys TV show?
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