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Dwarves in the real world
My first attempt at role play! The dwarves find themselves in the real world! San Francisco to be exact. How will they react? How will they get home?
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Age of Darkness
AU - Set in what would be the time of The Hobbit - Sauron regains his form through the dark magic of the witch Hecate and the two join forces in the search for the One Ring. The Free Peoples of Middle-Earth must rise against this foe before it is too late! - Rated T - **Active**Please Join**
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A new life of a hobbit
Create your own hobbit,dwarves,elves,dragons,humans,wizards,and dark lord good luck claim any cannon characters the setting starts when dwarves comes to Bag End to meet Bilbo.
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Hobbit RPG
Come live a life as a hobbit, dwarf or even elves. OCs allowed
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The Hobbit!
discuss the new movie The Hobbit! tell us your opinion and your thoughts on the two upcoming sequels.
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The Hobbit RP
An RP set during "The Hobbit". **Active**Please Join**
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What would you do if Thorin Oakenshield asked you to join his group?
Roleplay based on the hobbit. Please don't post more than one reply at a time.
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The Gollum Column
If you think that you are the biggest Tolkien fan then this is the place for you to share your opinions about the upcoming movie and one of the greatest books ever written.
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The Hobbit Fanfiction Challenge Community
Welcome to the first Hobbit Fanfic challenge forum on The FanFiction Archive . Enter here to set challenges for your fellow fanfic writers, or request stories.
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Living in Middle-Earth
Welcome to Middle-Earth. Here you can be anyone you want- from Orcs to Elves- the possibilities are endless! Just wipe your feet on the mat first, and come on in! *Very very Inactive*
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In a film studio in NZ there was The Hobbit
I'm not the only one excited about the upcoming films of The Hobbit! Here's the place to discuss hopes, fears, doubts, etc. about the 2012-14movies!
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All about Thorin Oakenshield
Everything to have to do with Thorin's personality, emotions, character, or maybe even things as weird as Thorin in the modern world. Want to talk about King Under the Mountain? Post here.
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Girl-falls-in-Middle-earth tropes
Come here to discuss Hobbit fanfic tropes of girl-falls-in-Middle-earth stories. Add anything to the conversation or vent about your annoyances when it comes to these fics.
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Balin appreciation
I like Thorin as much as the next Hobbit fan, but I think it's time to show Balin some love. Grab a seed cake, your favorite ail, and send him some love.
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Aquelarre (libre de slash)
Punto de encuentro para aquellas/os lectoras/es y escritoras/es de fics sobre El Hobbit de temática no vinculada a Thilbo, Durincest, Thorinduil, Smauglock y demás relaciones slash. Es indiferente si los relatos están basados únicamente en los personajes creados por Tolkien o si intervienen OCs, así como el tipo de historia.
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Roleplay
Ever wanted to go on a journey through Middle Earth? Experience the terrors and excitement of a quest? Come and join Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves on an adventure you can't forgot... I have no idea if this will work
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Aftermath of The Battle of the Five Armies
The Battle of the 5 Armies has ended. The dwarves had proven to be successful during the battle. No one in Thorin's company had died in the end. See how the lives of others happen once the battle is won.
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Hurt and comfort research
So I like to focus on hurt/comfort, angst, and torture in my stories. The one thing I tend to run into in my writing is how to accurately describe injuries and illnesses. I'm not a healthcare worker so I have had to rely heavily on places like web md for proper symptoms, treatments, etc. of various injuries that might be incurred as a result of battles, tortures, etc. As far as my own background, I am a historian so I am a little familiar with diseases and conditions common in a medieval world like M.E.
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The Lonely Moutain
There may not be piles of gold to be found in this forum, but there are many other things. Come in to discuss plot-bunnies, challenges, thoughts on the book and movies, or anything else related to The Hobbit!
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Battle of the Five Armies
Talk about the final installment of the Hobbit movie trilogy (and the first two). Not a RP forum. There will be spoilers for the final film.
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How different would events of LOTR be if Thorin, Fili, and Kili lived?
So basically for the longest time I've been wondering how different the events of LOTR or the entire War of the Ring would've been if Thorin, Fili, and Kili had survived the Battle of Five Armies. Any ideas how them surviving could've affected everything?
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Advertise your story!
Looking for a way to get more views/reviews? Talk about your story, give longer summaries, take/give advice to other authors and take a look at some awesome Hobbit fanfiction!
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Bagginshield Ground
All Bagginshield Fanfiction
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Hobbit roleplay, just opened!
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Someone please help I need a mpreg writer I have a prompt I need it
This is a place where really good/NEEDED prompt can fins good willing homes
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