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Hobbit roleplay, just opened!
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Someone please help I need a mpreg writer I have a prompt I need it
This is a place where really good/NEEDED prompt can fins good willing homes
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Bagginshield Ground
All Bagginshield Fanfiction
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Hobbit 1x1 Literal Roleplay Interested? PM ME
Hi! I'm seeking for someone to do 1x1 Literal Roleplay, which means that two roleplayers can do it for any character and use the forum or PM. After we've finished a period or scene, we can tidy it into stories and possibly sign up for a new account and publish it on site. OCs can also be involved. Any Interest PLEASE PM ME! :)
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Hobbit Randomness
Just something for everyone to talk about the books and movies and have any questions on anything.
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Lost Tales
Because we've all done it: This is a place for people trying to track down that great story they were reading but didn't bookmark ... Please, come in and see if you can help!
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Thilbo Bagginshield 4 Ever!
Anything and everything that has to do with the paring, everyone is welcome
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So I have an idea A Modern AU idea
So I feel like it'd be really cool if I did a Modern AU featuring the lovely Company of Thorin, Gandalf, the other dwarves, and Bilbo...myself included (there will be no romance). I work at Starbucks, you see, and I absolutely loved the Hobbit (both in book, and in film). Working at Starbucks has, personally, been a huge adventure for me and I thought it'd be cool if I told my story of working as a barista there using these guys. Completely Modern AU, no romance, and just a big adventure in friendship, kins
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Here is the place you come if you've go writer's block and would like to bounce around ideas, or if you want to Role Play and idea you've had this is the place to do that too! Come and join us!
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Finding story about girl in hobbit
I looking for one story.I dont remember everything but here what is about girl who joined the gandalf is gone to her for I think she was hiding in the mountains and Gandalf was finding her and she wasnt pleased about that how he found her in second chapter I think dragon Smaug kidnapped her because her beautiful voice?In the reference story I think sad in the story will she survive before crew come?
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Remember king thranduil special
a special for an birthday king on insta, happy birthday @rememberkingthranduil
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Need HELP! Looking for a Story
Looking for a story….. Nori gets taken into Smaug's mouth, and the company thinks he has been eaten. Ori ends up being the one to kill Smaug because of it. Hopefully, this is enough detail, because I am really at my wit's end trying to remember the name of this story, lol.
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Recherche fanfiction Hobbit La légendaire jalousie des Durins
Bonjour à tous, Je recherche une fanfiction sur le fandom du Hobbit. Il s'agit d'un slash Thorin/Bilbo. La fanfiction est française et son titre est "La légendaire jalousie des Durins". Il doit avoir 9 ou 10 chapitres. Elle est complète mais je ne me rappelle plus le nom de l'auteur. Bilbo revient à la montagne solitaire et se lie de plus en plus avec Thorin pour finir par devenir son consort, après un confrontation avec le conseil, un combat et un complot déjoué. Thorin offre également une perle d'Arkeston
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Rowan y la Compañía de Thorin
Rowan Servin, 29 años, raza humana, ocupación: es una gran cazadora, desde la muerte de sus padres cuando ella tenía 5 años, se aventuró sola y con valentía fuera de la civilización. A sus 6 años mató a su primer orco. Rowan se aventuras junto a la Compañía de Thorin Escudo de Roble a proclamar de las garras del Gran Dragon Smaug la montaña Solitaria: Erebor.
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Middle earth
Lets talk about j.R.R tolkien and have fun @-@
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Who else loves Thranduil in The Hobbit movies?
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Legolas Greenleaf and Tauriel daughter of the forest
Menny years after the battle of the five armies Tauriel finds out that she is a dark elf when a mark shows up on her chest and leads to the beginning of a long journey filled with love and adventures.
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Desperately looking for a story
hello, i am looking for a story, where bilbo is badly injured on a battlefield, but when he wakes up, he finds, that his body is lying on the ground. he can not go back to his body, can not take off his ring, because it is on his body and not on him, but there are black veins coming from the finger, where he wears the ring and they are expanding on him, trying to reach his heart. there is snowing and nobdy can see his body due the ring, so goes to find someone to help him, but finds out that nobody can see
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