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Holes Rpg
You like Holes? COme and Join!
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Grab Your Shovels
In love with Holes? Well who isn't, but thats not important. What is important that you come here and talk about how much you love it. Any stories you like inparticular, well come in and tell us about them. Please?
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The Official Holes Forum
Started out as 'Holes Writing Help' and has now turned into a place where you can play games, get help on writing, Role-Play, and meet new people!
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Since there are no Holes forums, I decided to make one. Squidshippers, MarySue haters, bashers and lovers, and all fans for this wonderful book or movie or u just came for the ride are welcome
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Got Holes?
There aren't too many forums for the beloved movie Holes, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create one myself! You can come here and talk about anything related to Holes!
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A place to discuss D-Tent or holes in general.
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The Zigzag Zone
All about the best person in Holes, Zigzag! *Go Zigzag!Go,go,go Zigzag!WHOO! screams Ziggy's cheerleaders*
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The Fics
Need help for fanfiction? Here ya go! Just put a description of your character and I can help you with it. :)
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