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The Host Role Play
The Earth has been invaded by an alien race named the Souls. Our bodies remain, but our minds have been erased. But some of us still resist...
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Host, Role Play
I love the host books, I really do think the host book is something really different and something way...out of this world! This role play is in the Cave at Uncle Jed's cave save house thing, you can be a character from the book or make up a new OC person
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The Host RP
"This place was truly the highest and the lowest of all worlds - the most beautiful senses, the most exquisite emotions.. the most malevolent desires, the darkest deeds. Perhaps it was meant to be so. Perhaps without the lows, the highs could not be reached." ― Stephenie Meyer, The Host (not active)
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The Host Roleplay
Roleplay in the world of Stephanie Meyer's the Host, you can be a canon character or an original character.
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The Host RolePlay
The Host Roleplay...for Roleplaying, Discussing the book, et cetera. I know the name isn't all that creative but I really like this book...And I see so much that could go into this as a role play so here it is.
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Host Roleplay
Sorry, I know this isn't very original but just come in and create your own character or claim one from the book!
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A Soul's Hope
Who should Wanderer be with and why? Ian? Nate? Kyle? Give me myour feedback
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Host RP
Host Roleplay. Choose your side, Soul or Human. Original and Cannon characters welcome.
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The Host: A Great Novel!
A forum just for the fans of The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Talk about whatever you want in here. And as this is the first Host forum... you'll have to come here if you want to talk about the book. :P
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Twilight The Host Roleplay mix
This is the best of both Stephanie Meyers books that are amazing, this will be filled with drama and fun and everything that you can think of can and probably will happen on here
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The Host
Join this forum where you can explore the exciting world of Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" using main canon characters or create an original character of your own design.
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The Host RP
A roleplay for lovers of The Host. OCs and Canons needed! We will continue from where the book left off. Come on in!:D
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Ultimate Host
This is a forum for anything Host. If there is anything you want to talk about concerning anything related to the Host, feel free to share.
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The Host with the Most
For Stephenie Meyers sci-fi book The Host. Come and talk about it here!
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Become a Host or a Soul and launch in to the world Stephanie Myer has created.
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The Host Rps
You can kind of get the idea from the title XD
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Dessert Life role playing
Come in and pick ur characters for th rpg or just sit and tlk about the book.
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Peace, Love, The Host
All things Host. role play, help on stories, a place to talk about anything and everything.
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Be a human, be a soul! It doesn't matter! Play as you favorite characters or make up your own! Join today!
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The Host RP
Based off the book by Stephanie Meyer, here's a brand-new role play! Become a Soul or a Rebel, and pick up where the book left off! Canons and OC's welcome.
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Contests: Submit All Your Entries Here
A forum for entries for our community 'Contests'. Submit your forms, links for stories, and questions here.
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The Host Roleplay Forum
I'll write a better one later, but for now the title kinda says all that needs to be said
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The Host Movie
A discussion to talk about who you want to play the characters from The Host if they make it a movie.
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Role Play Daily Life in the Caves
Here's a role play dedicated to daily life in the caves! Pick a character and have conversation with your cave mates. You can be someone from the book, or make it up. You can be a soul or a human. Have fun!
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Special Host Roleplaying Website
The new official Host Roleplaying website is now open. Create a character and live in the caves. Interact with other members through the forums and just have fun. Expanding quickly with raids coming soon, other planets, and Twilight. Link inside
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