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Welcome Children of Nyx! The HON Awaits!
Welcome to the House of Night! Create your own character and get marked, or RP as an original! Request one shots and ask questions! Enjoy, and Blessed Be children of Nyx!
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You Are Marked HON RP
Zoey is High Preistess, the rest of the gang are teachers. Stark is Zoey's Guardian, and even Erick Night is the drama prof. It's your turn to go to the House of Night. Make your character and live life when Marked. Have fun! Blessed be.
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House of Night Roleplay and Discussion!
Roleplay and discussion
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The London House of Night RP
Come and Roleplay in London's very own House of Night! Note. None of the canon characters exist here, it's all OCs. Warning, Rated M.
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House of Night Roleplay
Welcome to the House of Night roleplay. P.M. if interested in joining.
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The Night House awaits you here!
Come to the Night! You have been marked! Join this Roleplay!
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House Of Night RolePlay
Basiclly a forum for the house of night, become one of the charecters or even make your own.. make new friends and come into the life as a vampyre
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Nyx awaits you at London's HON
Roleplaying set after the books and the gang has died.
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House of Night with Wolves
Come join this house of night that has vampires and wolves! Basically its a mix between the HON and Teen Wolf. Does not follow the book's storyline!
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killer RP house of night more
ok here you can rp talk or really do anything you feel like!i know that there are like 50 of these, but i really dont care.
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House of Night: RP Forum
Night has chosen thee, thy destiny lies at the House of Night! Join in with classes, Daughters of Nyx,make friends and develop affinities with the five elements.
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Everything HoN
This is for anything to do with HoN. there's a news section, an RP section, and I'll post some poles.
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Outside the box: HoN edition
Welcome to the amazing forum dedicated to all the things that are great in the house of night fandom! Do you need help with a plot/OC? want to give help? Chat? Submit a work to our community? Well, that's what this place is for. Also home to the Elementals Co-write/ RP.
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Mad World
A House of Night role play! come join in on the fun, fill out an OC form and begin playing!
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Texas House of Night
Come here if you live in Texas and you LOVE House of Night. Blessed be!
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House of Night
This is a House of Night role play. You've been marked and now have a crescent moon on your forehead. You have to go to a vampire boarding school. This is not following the book. We are taking the elements and making our own story.
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House Of Night Roleplay
Join The House Of Night, Be One Of The House Of Night Charators Or make up your Own!
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My House of Night
Here you have been marked, and transfered, to the House of Night in Sacramento California. Create your character and attend classes. Not to mention make friends or enemies. Just have fun! But please keep the profanity to a limit.
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House of Night RP
A house of night RP with OCs!
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Night's Wish
My first Roleplay, come sign up as a third-former student and live an adventure in My House of Night as you work to become more than just fledglings, but Vampyres of the World.
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House of Night RP
*ACTIVE 2/3* Everyone knows the tales of Zoey Redbird, the girl that saved the world, but what if... There was no Zoey Redbird? Who would save the House of night? Will it be you? Who will save Stevie Rae's humanity? Come, become a fledgling, a child of Nyx, and find out if you are indeed, the Chosen One...
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House of Night: the newbies
This will be a role-play forum based of the House of Night Books.
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The Old Grouchy Cat
Randomness welcome...really just talk about HON since there aren't many forums out there. Also glorification of Nala welcome!
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Please, do not come in. This forum is for private use, only by the moderators. Thank you.
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House of Night Roleplay
Roleplay! for house of night.
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