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House of Night with Wolves
Come join this house of night that has vampires and wolves! Basically its a mix between the HON and Teen Wolf. Does not follow the book's storyline!
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House of Night
This is a House of Night role play. You've been marked and now have a crescent moon on your forehead. You have to go to a vampire boarding school. This is not following the book. We are taking the elements and making our own story.
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House of Night RP
*ACTIVE 2/3* Everyone knows the tales of Zoey Redbird, the girl that saved the world, but what if... There was no Zoey Redbird? Who would save the House of night? Will it be you? Who will save Stevie Rae's humanity? Come, become a fledgling, a child of Nyx, and find out if you are indeed, the Chosen One...
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House of Night Roleplay
"...Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night." -P.C Cast
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House Of Night Roleplay
Roleplay for HON fans! Rated M for mature in some cases. Please enjoy! You can use OC or a character from the book. If the second is wanted, PM me the character
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Tokyo House of Night
You have been marked. But things aren't as they seem in the Tokyo House of Night. Darkness is at work, but there is no special hero here. Everyone must work together. Merry part, Merry meet, Merry meet again.
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Lost RP
A role play based on my Fanfiction. Feel free to PM me about joining, you can add any character from HON and I'm accepting crossovers! :):):)
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House of Night
OC characters only
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