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Caesar's Palace
Multi-fandom prompts, games, and chat — but not so much blackjack. Archived.
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Hunger Games Roleplay Forum
HGRP and its affiliates are not responsible for your declining social life. You only have yourself to blame.
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Hunger Games RP
Welcome to the Panem! Come look inside, you know you want to ;) Join and may the odds be ever in your favour *Only Top Active Forum that RPs the Hunger Games* Aim: 200, 00 posts
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District 14
We could be a career pack. We bash people to death with our laptops. And steal their wifi.
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Hasta El Final De La Pradera
Bien, este es un foro de Los Juegos Del Hambre o Hunger Games, como prefieran. Aquí podrán hablar de cualquier cosa referente a la saga: Participar en retos, hablar sobre vuestra opinión de los libros, participar en juegos... ¡Lo que quieran!
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Scream and Die! A Hunger Games Roleplay
NOW ACCEPTING TRIBUTES! Blood has been spilled, innocent choldren have died. And now the 48th games are about to begin. To symbolise the 48 years of rebellion the tributes are given SUPERPOWERS to make the games more interesting
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Fire is Catching
"And the tributes are..." Wait, no, Fire is Catching and the rebellion is beginning! Come here prepared to talk about everything Hunger Games, and maybe have a little bit of randomness mixed in. Credit to Drew for the avatar.
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We Are the Mockingjays: Hunger Games Roleplay
This is not your ordinary Hunger Games RP. Tributes from the recent Games have escaped. Will they form their own district, and then a rebellion? The outside world of Panem is oblivious, just expecting a victor to come soon, along with another Games in tow. Will the rebels escape? Will there be another Games? *ACTIVE* *full of insanity, beware!*
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SYOT Alliance!
A forum for all SYOT writers and submitters who want to get to know each other, discuss characters and stories, and get inspiration, encouragement, and help from other SYOT writers. Uniting the SYOT Community for THREE YEARS and counting! Come on in and make yourself at home! :)
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Are you starving for something good to read, or just hungry for something to write? Can your fic stand up in the hunger games of authors? two games; monthly one shot challenges and a quarter quell of multichapter fic contest. Are the odds in your favor?
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Society for the Promotion of Panda Welfare
Here, have a cookie. Oh, you ate it. Now we own you forever.
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Blood Dreams: 24 Tributes, 24 Authors
For the authors of Blood Dreams only!
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The Black Market
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A 24 author collaboration for the 13th Hunger Games. Will the tributes fall under the bad luck of this number, or will luck be by their side?
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Tears on Fire, Hunger Games
Welcome to the Hunger Games Book . In this book you can go though the world of the un known. This RP takes place in district 12. OC characters welcome! Along with a few cannon! - look up ' Andi Watson' on youtube!
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Hunger Games RP
What if there never was a rebellion? What if Panem stayed the same? Come roleplay here be in the hunger games help or create it.You can even be a stylist or capitolite.
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The Hunger Role Play Games
Applications for the 73rd Hunger Games are now closed, unless anyone want to make a tribute to die at the cornucopia. The games will start when the 72nd games are wrapped up. :D
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See Death In Their Eyes and Blood On Their Cheeks
Tribute Profiles and discussion topics for the story "See Death In Their Eyes and Blood On Their Cheeks" by Writting2StayHalfSane. WARNING: MOCKINGJAY SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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24 Authors Discussion
Personal Discussion thread.
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The Rebels
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Troubled Souls: 24 Tributes and 24 Authors
This is yet another 24-24 story! Come for the fun of watching a story come to life and to make new friends from the Hunger Games fandom!
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When Blood Calls for Blood - Hunger Games, Marvel & DC Collaboration
The sequel to In the End, You Always Kneel, and another 24 Authors, 24 Tributes collaboration by The Freelancer Collaboration
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24 Tributes, 24 Authors
24 tributes. Only 1 will survive. 23 author's dreams will be crushed as their character is killed. Wow, that's really dramatic. Anyways, this is where we will discuss the story, characters, plot, and whatever other details may need to be decided on.
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In the End, You Always Kneel - Hunger Games & Marvel Collaboration
A 24 Authors, 24 Tributes collaboration by The Freelancer Collaboration - a new twist on the Hunger Games by amalgamating it with Marvel heroes and villains, creating something new and incredible by combining two much-loved franchises.
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Hunger Games RP- World 2
Our first forum is the second highest on the Hunger Games forum lists. That forum RPed 76th-92nd games. It has tons of history. Well now we decided to TS ahead 13 years to start kind of fresh and invite new role players in. *We are active as of June 2020*
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