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The Hunger Game Forever
Are the odds in your favor? The games.. are back, and now, they are worse then they were before. Come and join the Roleplay today!
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Clove's Last Thoughts
Well the title explains it. Clove realizes something she didn't before! As you can guess Clato
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The Monsters Inside Us : 43rd Hunger Games : Roleplay
Are we as innocent as we seem? Monsters lurk inside of us, and they are waiting to be unleashed.
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She's not afraid
Peeta conoce a Katniss en una fiesta y se enamora de ella.Katniss es una chica muy popular y guapa pero hay un problema... Ella teme enamorarse, ¿Podra Peeta hacerla cambiar de opinon? Es mi primer fic espero que les guste :)
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The 50th Hunger Games
Be apart of the 50th hunger games! The catch double the tributes. This a roleplay thing hope you like it!
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Catching Fire
Catching Fire movie topics when the trailer is coming out and thoughts on any of the new characters.
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Writers in need of feedback, or just ideas
Need Iideas for a fic? Or have you written one and just need some feedback? Come here and chat to people, they just might help.
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Who thinks peeta is a stalker. he has been stalking katniss since she was five!
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The Hunger Games 3
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The Tides Roll In
My name is Candice. Candice Rivers. I am from District 4. Never did i know how my life would change in a matter of months. Who I'd meet, where I'd go. Candice Rivers is a female of District 4 living life like a normal 16 year old. But things are about to change...
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Hunger Games Beta?
Hi! So I have this Clato tragedy/action/slight romance story going on in my head. I've already written the prologue but I can't seem to find the courage to post it as I am still on search for a beta reader. I've already messaged 3 of them and none gave me a reply. So I was hoping that if anyone is willing to beta my work, PM me and I will tell you the plot and I'll send the prologue as well. Thank you in advance!
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The Grand Alliance
Discussions on a specific AU
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This is the hangout place for ALL Hunger Games FREAKS! It's all HUNGER GAMES and FanFictions!
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The Hunger Games Roleplay
Welcome to the Hunger Games. Compete against 23 other people and fight to the death. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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Hide and Seek: A Game of Madness
A 24 Tribute/24 Author Collaboration. Used for discussion and chat. There is *one* tribute spot available, but we could always use feedback or help if you just want to stick around and talk. Just talking is fine too; we're friendly people! (Very) Especially Snail-tono :)
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Looking for a fic
Have you seen, or have information on this fic? (Basic plot: Katniss participates and wins more than one Hunger Games, because she has more than one sibling)
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hunger games
hunger games read on and create your charecter we chat in your districts and id like for you to be your self its my first forum so be kind
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Vos Hunger Games le forum
J'ai créé il y a quelques temps la fanfic Vos Hunger Games, qui a remporté assez de succès. Sur ce forum les participants pourront discuter entre eux, échanger des impressions... ou discuter avec moi de ce qui arrive à leur personnage, notamment si ils ne sont pas satisfaits car j'ai fait mourir leur personnage ou autre ...
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Katniss's Nightmare
Katniss dreams a nightmare that haunts her, but somebody from the hunger games saves her. Who is he/she?
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Hunger Games Role-playing
Sort of like a syot but you do not have to submit an oc just put your tributes name on the list and play.
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Submit a random parody of a Hunger Games Tribute from GlimmerAndFoxfaceLiveOnForever's SYOT, submitted by Epicness By Liv! Shimmer Love, a total iddy yacht. Haha. Check us out!
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Hunger games help!
Do you ever need to know some things about the hunger games when you're writing a fanfic? Do you ever get frustrated when you don't remember what or when a particular part happened in the book? Have you ever forgotten some characters from the book or have gotten stuck on ideas for your hunger games fanfic? Well if you have, this is the place for you! Come ask any questions about the hunger games and we would be happy to answer them for you!
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Concours OS EverLark A vos plumes ! (de geai moqueur)
Sur ce forum, vous trouverez quelques petites compétitions de OS sur le couple Katniss/Peeta ! Vous aurez quelques petits pièges à déjouer dans vos histoires ! Je vous laisse voir !
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Is He Cheating on me
Katniss told Peeta she loved him but after that he distanced himself from her and she doesn't know why until she decides to visit the bakery.
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Carnival Panem
Appearing only during the summer and only to small towns, this carnival never was in any popular demand. However an accident involving one of the acrobats and a cut wire soon brought this small carnival into the limelight. A year after the incident Carnival Panem had made a name for itself. However as new developments arise, investigations into the accident from the past year start and lead to more secrets that shouldn't be told, and once you know those secrets you're in, and you can't get out. [AU]
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