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A Change In The Weather
What will happen between Katniss and Finnick when it rains and they are forced back into the jungle to take shelter. Takes place in Catching Fire. Oneshot. Katniss E./Finnick O. Rated T.
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The 'new' submitters
We know starting out writing a SYOT can be stressful, from not getting enough submittions to thinking others are far better than your. But fear not: we've created this forum so 'newbies' have a place a to get together, share ideas, and have fun? We can share out newest SYOT's and discuss future plans.
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Hunger Games Forum
Its the usual thing. We just talk about stuff we like and see if you can find a someone to collab with!
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Mirror, Mirror: The 148th Annual Hunger Games Forum
A forum for any complaints or requests you have about Mirror, Mirror. I will try and address everything.
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stay beautiful, miss trinket
Lei era diventata un pezzo del mio cuore - e bello grosso - e vivere senza di lei era come chiedere a un alcolista - al mio alcolista - di smettere di bere. Non sarei riuscita ad abbandonare neanche lui. Sarebbe stato impossibile. E doloroso.
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Prepping love Venia and Octavia, Part One
Venia: Childhood She grew up in the capitol, as pampered as can be; watching the Hunger Games on television, living in luxury, off of the exploits of the district's endless labor. Her father, Lucifer, was a game maker, and her mother, Rhea, was a stylist for District Four male tributes. When venia was just eleven years old, lucifer was sentenced to a lifetime in prison for having given assistance to a tribute from district twelve in the 63rd hunger games. He had always been quite sympathetic towards the poo
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Here's where you can write any OC x Cato stories! Hope you enjoy! PM me if you would like your to be here!
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Hunger Games Roleplay :D
Welp this is a roleplay for any hunger games fans like me lmao So ye just follow the rules and be nice :)
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The reaping is coming, are you ready?
They've changed the system, more than two tributes from each district will be reaped. OC's or Canon characters. Rp only basically.
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She and The 64th Hunger Games
She had trained her whole life for this. Trained for something her older brother had just achieved. Now it was more important then ever. If her brother could do it, so can she. Welcome to the 64th Hunger Games. Are district one tribute is... Cashmere Diamond.
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100th Hunger Gamea
On the anniversary of the 100th Hunger Games and our fourth Quarter Quell, to remind citizens that the Capitol has no support except for the districts, there will be no sponsored this year.
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Garden of Ghosts
It’s the 211th Hunger Games; Katniss and Peeta failed. Panem is in turmoil and the Capitol thrives. Twenty-four tributes, one winner. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
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Looking for a beta to help with a hunger games story
Hello I’m writing a hunger game fanfiction and was wondering if you would want to help me. I been looking for a beta and i could really use your help. My story is a Au Following Katniss on the victory tour. Her and Peeta become closer then they ever been one night. Leading to her pregnancy. When she finally gets home. All hell breaks loose and she has to decide if she should keep this baby subjecting the child to the exposition of the capital. Or terminate the pregnancy. Turning her back on Peeta. Prim’s character development in the story gives some humor to it bring I’m planning on making this story grim and tear pulling. It’s rated m because I will be putting sex and rape into the story. So let me know if you’re willing to help. I can promise I’ll be a easy to work with writer.
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Help me find this story please!
Please Help me find this story. I've been looking for it everywhere. Its about Katniss not convincing Snow, so Peeta becomes a prostitute. The quarter quell changes and Peeta and POSY HAWTHORNE get reaped.
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The Hunger Games Nerds
This is a place just to hang out and geek out about Hunger Games as well as hopefully make friends.
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I'm creating a server on discord for ff writers where we can discuss different things, world build, share headcanons, things like that, so I figured I'd post about it here so you can let me know if you want to be added!
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Clove’s POV
The 74th Hunger Games from the female tribute from District 2!
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The raven queen : New world order
you hear our voices you hear our, song you here the faint whistle of a mocking Jay 20 years have passed of freedoms and good but a new power surpassed her reign is anything but good she wanted to bring back the games and when we resisted the price we had had to pay was more that we have listed now half of humanity is gone. we have only one hope and they call her the Raven Queen because she is both a Raven and a queen because this game is much worse than the hunger games.
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generic title goes here
Fic discussion, prompts, etc.?
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It Was Always True
What if everything that happened after the 74th annual Hunger Games had happened differently? What if Peeta had heard Katniss’ side of the story out? What if Katniss gave into all of her feelings over he past month of the games?
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Hunger Games Role Play!
This is a Hunger Games Role Play! Create a character and have fun!
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Hunger Games and All That Jazz
Hunger games stuff so we can all fangirl together.
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Blackout Sponsorship
A forum where you can sponsor characters in my HG fanfic, Blackout: the 300th Games.
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District high
Hello my name is Annabeth Cresta, I am 15 years old. I am at about ot move to a new school! My last school was in Huhaii. My mom died three years ago when i was 13. My dad just re-married this summer, but, my “step mom” may wanted to move to Miami,Florda. And tomorrow is my first day of school.
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Candyland: The 32nd Hunger Games
A forum for our collaboration!
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